Could Kickstarter Games See a Renaissance

Are projects like Temtem, The Wonderful 101, and Shovel Knight making crowdfunding seem feasible again? Can we actually trust these titles?

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Vits15d ago

This days? No, you should not trust Kickstarter or any other form of crowdfunding for games. Not only we still have to deal with all the uncertainties that we always had, like games getting delayed or never even materializing. But now we also have to deal with exclusivity deals, what might mean that you either had to suck it up and get the game on a platform that you don't want to or after all the years of waiting get a refund - and that is considering that the devs will even offer that option.

Fist4achin14d ago

I think we are already there with all these indies coming out. Damn, its a great time to be a gamer!

AK9114d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It never stopped its just that alot of scammers got exposed and Kickstarter changed their rules so when a project got funded that game had to be completed or the money would be returned back (iirc). This was a big no no for a majority of people who were planning to use the platform. So only devs who could actually deliver on their promises use the platform now.

Whenever Shenmue 4 or Bloodstained 2 come out both will definitely use Kickstarter.