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Do you still pay for Nintendo Switch Online? writes, "Nearly a year after Nintendo Switch Online has launched, the service still lacks some basic features. Cloud saves are not standard on all games and the Wii still remains the best virtual console we've ever had. Is the service worth what Nintendo asks?"

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Community1586d ago
Neonridr1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

as they continue to add more and more to their online gaming collection, it definitely makes it have more value. Imagine once they add Nintendo 64 titles to the mix too. Is the service perfect? Absolutely not, far from it. But hopefully they will continue to expand and build upon it.

_SilverHawk_1587d ago

"Nintendo Switch Online has been out for nearly a year. We’ve seen the launch of NES and SNES games and exclusives like Tetris 99. Cloud saves are also included, but confusingly not for all games.

Despite the benefits, the service remains lackluster when compared to competitors like Xbox and PlayStation. Xbox GamePass offers a subscription service for unlimited access to a growing catalogue of games.

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games with Gold give ‘free’ games away as long as you stay subscribed. If the Nintendo Switch had launched with the Wii’s Virtual Console catalog it may have been comparable."

Gamers should buy what appeals to them but should be knowledgeable about potential purchases. Nintendo switch online is rubbish and the paltry selection of games offered are old with a lot dating back 40 years ago. All the selections of games offered by Nintendo are worthless imo. The switches online network is laggy and is missing a lot of features offered by the xbox and playstation. The ps3s online service is 15 years old free and is a way better service than what's offered on switch. Some "fans of Nintendo " will tell you otherwise that the service is good or apologize for the rubbish Nintendo offers but doing a little bit of research about the service will tell you it isnt close to any other online network on other consoles. Nintendo online network should be free just like I think xbl and psn should be free.

Neonridr1587d ago

you are entitled to your opinion. But as an anti-Nintendo player (don't pretend you aren't) it's a very biased complaint. I own both a Switch and PS4 and pay for both online services. I totally agree that the Switch online pales in comparison to the other two and is missing some basic features that even the PS3 and 360 had. Proper party chat and messaging are two basic things that should be there that aren't.

As for the games, I totally disagree there. Getting access to some of the greatest NES / SNES library of games is definitely not worthless, and as they continue to add more games and systems into the mix it's only going to get better.

I give them a partial pass because the service is cheaper than the competition, but they still have some things to learn and need to keep growing in other areas.

darthv721587d ago

curious but why would switch need cloud saves if the idea is to take the switch with you when you go places?

RazzerRedux1586d ago

"why would switch need cloud saves if the idea is to take the switch with you when you go places"

Same reason you need cloud for your smart phone. What if you lose/break your Switch?

It is needed. Nintendo is behind, as usual.

FinalFantasyFanatic1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

A free game once a month from Nintendo would be nice considering they have the most expensive software of the three, I wish they'd give us the majority of the NES/SNES, ect... Catalogue, would bring alot value to the system.

As for the Cloud saves, I wish they'd let us backup to an SD card.

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bobsmith1587d ago

just for mario maker online and super smash

Smellsforfree1587d ago

I agree that NSO isn't as good as what is available on XBox and Playstation, but it is currently the only way to play Nintendo Switch games online so yeah I'll be continuing to pay for it.

Here is some food for thought -- NSO is $20/year for an individual or $35/year for a family (up to 5 or 6 members I think). Do we want it to remain at that cost or cost the same as XBox/Playstation at ~$10/month with those features? I mean, we all want it to remain at $20/year and bring all the features MS and Sony bring, but lets be realistic here and acknowledge that it would be more expensive if that were case.

stupidusername1586d ago

I have a family subscription with 5 other friends and we only pay 5$ each for a year. That's close to nothing compared to the prices of PSN and XBL. The service is without doubt lackluster compared to competitors, but if the competitors made a bare bone version of their services that only let you play games online and nothing more for 5$ a year, then I'd honestly choose that version. I'm in no need of in game voice chat, ps+ games, discounts and so on. I just want to play my games online for the least amount of bucks.

overlordror1586d ago

Same thing I do with my family. When we break it down it's less than a few coffees a month. Not bad considering the cost of other services.

Teflon021586d ago

PS Vita has party chat, proper in game voice. A much better online system in general for absolutely free. Switch gets no pass imo, no matter what excuse is used

The_Sage1586d ago


$10 a month is $120 a year. My PS Plus subscription cost me $50 for the year.

Smellsforfree1585d ago

It is ~$10/month, though, if you go on a month-by-month. What I said was accurate.

ZeekQuattro1587d ago

I do but I spend most of my game time on the Switch so it makes sense for me. I will be getting Live again once PSO 2 is made available though.

Teflon021586d ago

I mean, if you really wanted to play pso2, could have for years on ps4 for free. Same with Vita and PC. My laptop in like 2013 was able to play it maxed out and it wasn't some crazy level laptop. If you don't pay. That's not a good reason to since Xbox is tyhe only place that makes you pay to play f2p titles

porkChop1586d ago

"I mean, if you really wanted to play pso2, could have for years on ps4 for free. Same with Vita and PC. My laptop in like 2013 was able to play it maxed out and it wasn't some crazy level laptop."

It was only available in Japan, and the servers were only in Japan. So if they don't live in Japan how were they supposed to play it?

ZeekQuattro1586d ago

PSO 2 is being brought to the West thanks to Microsoft so that's where I'll be playing it. I can't very well play it on a Vita I don't own nor do I care to play games on PC outside of emulation and even then that was years ago. That's what I have consoles for. I'm not buying a Vita to play a game I can get somewhere else on a system I already have. Why even bring it up?

septemberindecember1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Yeah, I do...but I want them to add more SNES games and fix it up or I don't think I'll continue. Played Super Mario World with a buddy. It was fun, but boy does the service need some work. The feature set is okay (party chat is my only real complaint, feature wise), but the quality of the online is legitimately bad.