Top 5 Assassin's Creed Games Ever Made

KeenGamer: "The Assassin’s Creed franchise has many memorable games, but which five are the best? We’ve spent over a decade travelling through time, meeting histories most notorious figures, twisting the course of time while you’re at it. It’s time to hook back into the animus and revisit the franchises top five instalments."

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RazzerRedux51d ago

Agree with 2/3 of Ezio trilogy. Revelations was horrid though. I would replace original AC and Syndicate with Odyssey and Unity.

Immorals51d ago

For sure. I love all the assassins creed games, other than the first, and 3. Revalations was a mess, but I liked ezios trilogy as a whole.

lifeisgamesok50d ago

I'm glad to see Unity getting some love. I just got back into Origins, it's great so far. I'm thinking about picking up Odyssey soon

RazzerRedux50d ago

Unity was very underrated, imo. I enjoyed the hell out of that game. Loved Origins. Fair warning....Odyssey is pretty much the same game as Origins, but in Greece instead of Egypt and, of course, new story/characters. I found it was still worth it and these days you can find the game pretty cheap if you look for a sale.

CitizenFour50d ago

I actually haven't played Origins yet. Might pick it up soon.
Odyssey was pretty damn good.
Black Flag was one of my favorites, being that its one of the only good pirate games out there.

lifeisgamesok50d ago

@RazzerRedux Yes, Unity was a great game I could never understand the negativity surrounding it. I think I'll like Odyssey since it's like Origins I'll be buying it soon 👍

Gheritt_White50d ago

Syndicate is *so* much better than Unity in every way possible I can only presume that you haven't played Syndicate very much, if at all.

RazzerRedux50d ago

You presumed wrong. I have played both and I found to Unity to be a much better game than Syndicate.

Our opinions differ. It is ok.

DanielEndurance51d ago

We need multiplayer to come back. That was next level stuff and it's a total tragedy it only came to us in one game of the series.

SinisterKieran51d ago

you know..unity is one of my favourites. i love that one.
i think i need to go back and play syndicate.

anonymousfan51d ago

Well ACIII is one of my favorites! Yet both of those games got soo much hate... Well to be fair Unity was a buggy mess... But still a great game imho.

RazzerRedux50d ago

I played a few hours of ACIII and felt like I was stuck in the prologue still. I'm going to force myself to go back and finish it though. Core gameplay is still great, but the character development and story just slog on forever it seems.

Rebel_Scum51d ago

I love AC games but I find I can never replay them. Probably the only game series I can say that for.

AK9150d ago

For me it was the Ezio trilogy solely I felt like an actual assassin, although I did enjoy Black Flag but that was because it was a pirates game didn't really feel like a main level AC game to me.

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