Tencent invests in Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager

From VentureBeat: "Tencent is making another big move in the gaming space. The Chinese megaconglomerate is investing an undisclosed amount of capital in Berlin-based game studio Yager Development. This influx of cash is going to help Yager expand its self-publishing efforts. It’s also going to enable the studio to continue work on its current project, competitive quest-based shooter The Cycle."

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Abnor_Mal497d ago

Damn, Tencent are putting their grubby little fingers on every game studio they can. I hope they remaster Spec Ops: The Line, this was such an underrated game at it's time of release.

ReelBigMike497d ago

Tencent is a seemingly terrible corporation, but if it means a remaster or sequel of Spec Ops: The Line, then at least it won't be a total loss.

AK91496d ago

To be fair the studio hasn’t really done anything since Spec Ops so not that much of a big deal to me.

ajax17496d ago

Great... Can't wait for their pro Chinese propaganda