USA Today: And the music games rock on (Wii Music & Guitar Hero Review)

USA Today writes: "Two new music video games have debuted this month: One is a hotly anticipated sequel and the other is a new spin on the music game genre. Here's a look at both offerings.

'Guitar Hero: World Tour'

The sequel to the best-selling video game of 2007 (Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock) adds drums and vocals to the guitar and bass instruments. Yes, Guitar Hero: World Tour is similar to the Rock Band series, but it also adds a few new modes and features."

*Note: 2 different scores were posted.

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CrippleH3620d ago

Even USA today don't like Wii Music that much.

Jotenks3620d ago

"A word of warning for Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans expecting a similar experience with Nintendo's Wii Music"

Are they serious...? Look at what you have to play with for wii music, granted I'm sure 'strumming' the guitar (or rather air guitar) and 'banging' the drums might be similar in some way but it's all air in the long haul. No way it'd get much similar than that, their both pretty different worlds. Then again this is USA Today and not a game informer so I wouldn't expect all that much from them in the gaming department.

ChickeyCantor3620d ago

Comparing them both is a wrong start...try again.
They both have different goal as software.