PlatinumGames Using Kickstarter Proves That The Platform Is Pointless

It's hard to believe that after getting a big investment from Tencent, PlatinumGames still needed to resort to Kickstarter to fund a project.

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isarai235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

It's a tangible interest gauge. We would've likely never seen this game elsewhere. This campaign is essentially saying "look we don't know if there's enough interest in the game to justify the project. So let us know if it is worth it by preordering it". And i would rather have that than letting this game die on the Wii U.

ElementX235d ago (Edited 235d ago )

It's coming out in two months, it's obvious they've already decided to make a Switch port and have been working on it for a while. There's no way it would be announced and then release so quickly. As for PS4, it was planned in advance. It's not as though they are gauging anything, they just want to fund their other projects.

isarai234d ago

Porting doesn't take much, distribution on the other hand is the major costs/ risks begin.

Palitera234d ago

You clearly have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

234d ago
Teflon02234d ago

They've been porting a while for sure. There's alot of playtesting and fixing in porting lol. No way with 2 months they're just going to START a port. The bigger point is it's Platinum Games. They make good games but they suck with money lol. The amount of times they blame things on other companies because they mismanaged is ridiculous lol

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Sciurus_vulgaris235d ago

Platinum Games is trying to move towards self-publishing despite not having the finances to do so. Unfortunately for Platnium Games, despite their name, the games produced by the studio have never been huge sellers.

FallenAngel1984235d ago

Bayonetta 1, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, & Astral Chain have been moderate successes for PlatinumGames with each title selling over 1 million. Their biggest success is undoubtedly NieR: Automata at over 4 million units.

mikefizzled1234d ago

True but I think some people assume a publisher just slaps their name on a project and sends it to market. It's a dangerous line to walk from going from moderate success via publishers to self publishing. They're playing it safe and smart here. They've never published anything themselves so they need to make sure they get used to the process, there's plenty of things they can trip up on that have traditionally been done for them by the publishers.

DarkHeroZX233d ago

Bayonetta 1 and Metal Gear Rising only selling 1 million across over 100 million consoles is really bad and had Nintendo never bought and exclusivity deal for Bayonetta then the game would have never existed. Nier did sell exceptional well, but then you also have to look at the mess that was Scalebound. Thee money doesn't flow so easy for them despite making quality games.

As far as what the purpose of the Kickstarter was for, I really can't say.

esherwood233d ago

Astral chain was garbage. No way that compares to other AAA titles today. I played assassins creed bf right after which was like 6 years old and that played and looked like the newer game

rainslacker234d ago

They can't seem to find enough investors to self publish. Even self published games tend to have behind the scene investors, or seed investors.

PhoenixUp235d ago

“The creators of the wildly popular Bayonetta series”

Wildly popular? The series hasn’t even not to my knowledge sold more than 5 million units.

Agent_00_Revan234d ago

Lol. Yea, so 'wildly popular' that the only way a sequel wild get funded is for Nintendo to do it.

Vits234d ago

I hate what they pulled with that campaign. It's clear that they already made the Switch port, as there is no way that 50k and 2 months would be enough to make it. That amount of money would likely not even be enough to cover Nintendo cartridges license fees, let alone develop a game.

It's just a pre-order page. And a way for them to make a quick buck.

FernDiggidy233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Just don't back it and move along. No need to bitch about it.

Sono421233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

I've always found arguments like this to be so nonsensical, you could apply it to just about anything and it isn't even an argument.

Like if a company is doing bogus BS things, you call them out on it, period. It isn't "complaining" it's pointing out their scummy practice.

That's like saying "oh there's day one DLC so what just don't buy it and quit b*tching" or "oh there's microtransactions? So what just don't buy it and quit b*tching"

Literally the laziest argument ever created, instead of explaining why someone shouldn't be upset by a scummy practice you just say... "No need to b*tch about it." This is obviously an extreme example but I can imagine people during the holocaust saying the same thing

Non Jew: "Wow look at what they are doing to those jews! That is just awful, what scummy people the nazi's are!"

Another Non jew: "hey at least it isn't happening to you. No need to bitch about it."

sonicsidewinder233d ago (Edited 233d ago )

Just don't reply to the comment and move along. No need to bitch about it.

/ lol sarcasm xD

bluefox755234d ago (Edited 234d ago )

It really is a risky proposition, the success:failure ratio with crowdfunding ain't great, but tbf, maybe it isn't with venture capitalism either. Crowd funding does seem more transparent at least.

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