Out of Eight: Bejeweled Twist Review

Out of Eight writes: "One could argue that one of the most influential games of all time is Bejeweled. Basically responsible for the match-three sub-genre of puzzle games, it's sold a whole bunch of copies and introduced a wide range of people to the world of computer gaming. While there have been countless clones, there hasn't been a true sequel….UNTIL NOW. Bejeweled Twist is Bejeweled…with a twist (who knew?). Instead of simply swapping gems to make matches of three or more, you circulate (or twist) them. Will this radically alter the genre and prove to be yet another hallmark in the annals of casual gaming?"

The Good:
+Twisting is almost innovative
+Challenge mode is a great diversion
+Nice graphics for the genre

The Not So Good:
-It's been done before
-No time pressure makes it less exciting
-Only a few special gems or powers
-Inability to rotate counterclockwise
-Repetitive normal mode

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