Bejeweled – Most Popular Puzzle Game of the Century

You may or may not know that 2010 marks the 10th anniversary of the Bejeweled game series! Bejeweled is THE original "match-3" game and the most mimicked game of all time with over 200 knock-off versions – it is the only video game in history to be available on PCs, mobile phones, video game consoles, iPods, social networks, airplane seatbacks and scratch-off lottery tickets! Bejeweled has now sold more than 50 million units, making it one of the top ten best-selling video games of all time - and PopCap continues to sell a copy of Bejeweled every 4.3 seconds.

NXT Gamer are also offering the chance to win a years supply of PopCap games!

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Lightningz3102d ago

Love Bejewelled, pretty interesting facts there.

WhatARump3102d ago

Most popular maybe... but not the best ;)

Portal is pretty awesome =D

Bnet3433102d ago

I'm not going to deny Bejeweled success, but Tetris will forever be king. This is coming from someone who prefers Lumines.

Darkfocus3102d ago

tetris has sold over 70 million copy's on cell phones alone since 2005

AEtherbane3102d ago

Bejewled is a kick a$$ game, play it all the time on my phone

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cain1413102d ago

I love all the pop cap games...

Graydon3102d ago

Bejeweled is an amazing franchise and Popcap has done a great job.

retrozoid3102d ago

Great article and great competition

LastbornSmudg33102d ago

Sells a copy every 4.3 seconds? that's insane. Never really played it myself.

Hellsvacancy3102d ago

Ive not played either, gimme 4.3 seconds and ill buy it

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The story is too old to be commented.