GeForce Now Impressions: Nvidia’s Service Works…But Is It What You Want?

Nvidia's GeForce Now streaming service is currently in beta, but the company hopes it will compete with Google Stadia to change the future of gaming. See how it works.

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FullDiveDerail390d ago

ouch that home hardware is lacking

Mr_Writer85390d ago

But the content is not. And that's the key.

I'm going to try this simply because my laptop is old and I have no desire/room/time to buy/build a gaming PC.

Yet I have a big library of Steam games my laptop struggles to play. I can simply dip in and out as and when I choose and play these games for a small fee.

When I've had my fill, I can cancel, no extra cost.

Google hardware and even tech is superior. However, cost and content wise, it blows it out of the water.

VincenteFox389d ago

I didn't mention it in the piece, because it wasn't really relevant (since I was downscaling to take the comparison image) but the home hardware is a 5700XT, a 3700X, 32 gb ram at 3600 mhz and an X570 board.