Previously Nintendo Switch exclusive DAEMON X MACHINA coming to Steam on February 13

High-speed mech action game, DAEMON X MACHINA, will be launching globally for Windows PC via Steam on February 13!

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Neonridr1149d ago

more people to enjoy the game.

1149d ago
neutralgamer19921148d ago

I feel like the days of true console exclusives are coming to an end. We will get few IP's that will forever be exclusives but many others overtime will end up on pc

Epic and Sony have something going on and I think sony will allow many of its exclusives from ps4 library released on epic store. Games like Mario, Zelda, God of war etc will remain exclusive but lesser known exclusive might end up on pc(which isn't a bad thing more gamers get to enjoy and in return future games may get even more fan support)

1148d ago