Chained Echoes demolishes its Kickstarter Goal

Chained Echoes, a 16-bit JRPG to be published by the company that brought The Surge and Lords of the Fallen, has demolished its Kickstarter goal, along with most of its stretch goals. It looks amazing, and the soundtrack plucks those nostalgia strings brilliantly.

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Jimboms459d ago

What a phenomenal-looking game

Relientk77458d ago

This actually looks pretty sweet.

instantstupor458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

This is a bit bizarre. The way this was written makes it sound like this game was newly announced, is being actively funded, and recently hit stretch goals. That's not at all the case.

This game was posted to KS around February of 2019. It appears to have hit its funding goal a couple of weeks later, its physical copy stretch goal hit days later, and the campaign ended a few days after that. The KS page, in regards to stretch goals, hasn't been updated since the campaign ended which was, again, about 11 months ago.

I'm all for bringing attention to smaller games - this is being made by what appears to be a solo developer, with Deck13 reaching out to publish after it got some attention - but the way this article was written is kind of puzzling.

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Rebel_Scum458d ago

This would be much cooler if it wasn’t turn based but more like a secret of mana or beat em up style.