Want to Get Into VR Gaming? Oculus Go On Sale At Amazon

Are you looking into getting into VR gaming but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Well, Amazon currently has the Oculus Go on sale for only $149.99 (32GB model).

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traumadisaster503d ago (Edited 503d ago )

The primary recommendation is obviously the Quest for the freedom of movement and quality, but it’s $400 plus tax and the many games you’ll buy.

As the article discusses if you have the vr itch and want to spend the least amount, it’s worth it to get a Go. If it’s no big deal to spend up on the Quest, that’s better with 6 degrees of movement vs the Go’s 3 dof.

However I’ve played some of my old Gear VR games on my Quest and really for a new adopter who knows they won’t be able to stretch up to a Quest then heck the Go will get you by with enough fun.

Just don’t buy the Go if there is any chance you can swing a Quest this year. Basically the experience is good enough you won’t feel like wasted money and you’ll enjoy it plenty to want a Quest. It’s not a bad experience that will turn you off of vr.

Gameseeker_Frampt503d ago

That isn't a sale, it is the new MSRP. Is it that hard for a website titled "myvideogamenews" to actually be up to date with what happened 2 weeks ago?