SuperData: VR grew 30% in 2018 thanks to PSVR, Oculus Quest will be 2019’s hit

According to SuperData’s Q4 2018 XR market report, Sony’s PlayStation VR became the market leader during the holiday quarter, selling 700,000 units — the largest number of headsets sold across any category. By contrast, the standalone Oculus Go sold 555,000 units, with the PC-tethered Oculus Rift and HTC Vive selling 160,000 and 130,000 headsets, respectively.

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Great job Sony, PSVR is a great platform and even better once PS5 arrives

sprinterboy807d ago

Wireless would be nice but I think that will come with psvr3 tbh ps6. Unless they've got some awesome workarounds

StormSnooper807d ago

PS5 will be well positioned for VR next gen, I can’t wait for amazing games in VR. We are already seeing what can be done, and people are impressed, So I’m super stoked for what PS5 will bring to VR.

As to wireless, right now the focus is to get the experience to work as fluid as possible. So I think wireless will be the focus once that is achieved, which means we shouldn’t be expecting it anytime soon.

rainslacker807d ago

This is pretty impressive. 700K units of PSVR in one quarter kind of makes the notion that VR is dead go out the window. Even Occulous Go sold pretty damn well.

I think Ace Combat may have had something to do with PSVR sales though. That's a big game that a lot of people were excited to pay in VR. But with all those new users, it means more chances for bigger games to adopt the technology.

supes_24806d ago

Ace Combat in VR is frighten insane! It’s what VR was meant for IMO. Crazy flying a jet like that, the earth spinning, chasing anothe jet doing loops, barrel rolls, nothing compares since I’ve played VR

IRetrouk806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

I will be honest, I've played more gt sport in vr than any other game, people can complain, fairly I might add, that it's only 1v1 or time trial but the feeling you get of being in that car on that track is amazing, I honestly can't wait to see what a ps5 and psvr 2 will do....with a new gt of course😁

rainslacker806d ago

I like GT Sport in VR. Its great for learning tracks, and solves my number one complaint about driving games, which is the lack of knowing where you are on the track, which makes learning turns more about placing markers, than just having that natural feeling that you get when you normally drive a car.

It would be nice if they could add in more cars, or allow all the races in SP to be played at a lessened realism level. All I really care about is the driving, not how pretty the cars or trees are.

IRetrouk805d ago

It really is the best way to play racing games in my opinion, everything has to start somewhere, I am sure future gt games will add updates and new features as the hardware and software mature, we are really at the start of vr, it's only going to get better so I have high hopes.

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NarutoFox807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

I hope the PS5 VR or the next Oculus Rift have a wireless option. The tracking and latency won't probably be good though if it's wireless

StormSnooper807d ago (Edited 807d ago )

Yeah it’s not the focus right now because there is a long way to go to perfect the experience. Wireless would be great one day, but for now I want them to focus on getting it to work as perfect as possible. Although we are getting all in one headsets now, but I’m not sure how they will turn out.

Atticus_finch807d ago

What you want would be very costly. Not worth it yet.

Abnor_Mal807d ago

Now that Namco sees that Ace Combat VR was a hit with critics and consumers, hopefully we will get a few more VR missions as DLC. Better yet just release the game fully in VR like it was first stated when the game was announced.

sprinterboy807d ago

Not aload to talk about the dreams beta but if the vr stuff people create is anything like what I'm playing atm it's gonna be insane.

rainslacker807d ago

I think when you get the community behind it, which has been having their ideas festering for a while with no real outlet to make their ideas real, that this is going to bring about some really cool experiences. Dreams is pretty much a must buy for VR owners. A lot of it will be demo level stuff, but it may still be pretty cool.

Einhander1971807d ago

PSVR has some issues but nonetheless it’s amazing. Astro Bot alone is incredible.

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