Top 10 Video Game Cliches

Clichés are found in everything from music to movies to anything where creativity finds a home. This is no different with the video game medium which mimics past ideas to no end. Why tamper with a formula for success? Repetition has been the basis of our great civilization, and so it comes as no surprise that there are numerous clichés in the video game medium. Some of the clichés we can do with. Some of them actually make us happy when we see them all the time. Others however are just plain annoying and we will go through these in this list. Here then are the top 10 most used clichés in video game history.

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Son of Odin3623d ago

definitely agree with #'s 1, 2, 4, 8 but the rest seem a little off base.

The Matrix3623d ago

Lmao funny article I love #2. It is true some games you're about to die and you eat a banana or something and you're at full health. Or like in Far Cry 2 when you're about to die you drink a water bottle and you're at full health.

Sam Fisher3623d ago

if you want to think of it like that, you might as well say life is cliche.

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DDP3623d ago

super soldiers are a little over done.

Volvobug3623d ago

how so? there's barely any games with a "super" soldier in them.

The Matrix3623d ago

Just to name a few off the top of my head: Masterchief is a super soldier, turok, marcus feenix, Nathan hale (he has chimeran in him) and Solid Snake. I don't mind super solidiers. I'd rather play as a [email protected]$$ than some ordinary guy.

Foxgod3623d ago

dont forget GeOW is a squad based game.

Marcus Feenix is not a super soldier, hes more like a super squad leader that can form a killer team out of any group he joins.

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Volvobug3623d ago

can't agree with halo being on this.

Samus20803623d ago

haha...halo's not on the list. did u even read the story?