Xbox Live is Fixed. Wait, No It's Not

Kotaku writes:
Major Nelson popped on sometime last night to declare that Xbox Live's connectivity problems had been resolved, then almost immediately was hammered with comments saying in effect, no it hasn't, so he pulled back the all-clear. I know I couldn't connect at all last night, and as of 7:30 am Crecente time I still can't. And, yes, I tested the connection. Oh, the official Xbox Live status? Nonexistent, apparently. See above. (Then again, it does show me as still owning an original Xbox.)

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joebahrjoebahr5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

why do people even listen to stupid posts like this? its written by a person with a gow avatar, 23 user ignores, only gives a PSN game tag.

besides that, i played call of duty on line all night and gears of war when i woke up.

this site gets worse and worse,

i think before they start making threads liek this, they should make socom and lbp ones.


Panser, sooo a ps3 fanboy has to post it? if you dont see this as flamebait, you should take off the goggles.

pansenbaer5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

SOCOM and LittleBigPlanet have been working fine for just about everybody lately. Obviously Live has been having problems the past couple of days. There were quite the ridiculous amount of threads pertaining to both those games when they launched, but the problem has been fixed. Why would people post about issues with the games when those issues don't exist?

So you're saying someone with a Gears of War avatar with 23 ignores is able to post this without repercussions? Talk about double standards. I'm just saying it has been a problem for people, why can't someone post it?

poindat5496d ago

Um, yeah, he didn't write it. If you would have even clicked the link (which you didn't) you would see that it is from Kotaku, of which the contributer has no affiliation. Your right, this site does get worse and worse... but people like you are the reason.

plain rice5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

The difference is that the rest of PSN were still fine when LBP and Socom had their launch problems. You fail. XBL crashes altogether. Something you didn't realize.

This site is getting worse because people like you think your all high and mighty, thinking they know everything. Please.

xaviertooth5496d ago (Edited 5496d ago )

hahahaha!! major nelson <------ OWNED!!!

he should be demoted to seargent! hahahaha! that what happen when you don't know what's happening!!! hahahaha clueless idiot!!!

xbots! ready! defend!

ultimolu5496d ago

*saves you from the rampaging bots* O_o

Homicide5496d ago

All of this happened, while I was playing on PSN? :D

nombon5496d ago

im confused was live messed up cause ive been playing all day since yesterday and im playing again today and i havent had an issue yet. maybe its cause im in Toronto or something :S

TheZippo5496d ago

yeah it's messed up. I was playing friday and kept getting kicked off. Then Saturday couldn't get online at all and still like that today. Although I can hook up my hard drive to my other xbox and connect that way. So maybe it's just certain 360's.

BenzMoney5496d ago

I'm in the same boat. I've been playing on and off since friday night, and I've never had problems connecting. I was disconnected once on Friday night, but was able to log right back in. Since then - no problems.

...also in Canada.

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stpiio5496d ago

I don't have any problems here in Australia.

Anon19745495d ago (Edited 5495d ago )

The only saving grace is I only have a XBL silver account. I paid for gold for a couple of years but between XBL outages and faulty consoles I switched to PSN for my online gaming fix and haven't looked back. I don't miss XBL in the slightest. While I was playing Gears 2 on Saturday I was repeatedly booted out of XBL, so apparently the problems hit Canada.

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