PlayStation 3 advert appears in Xbox 360 game

Earlier this month EA announced plans to release a football game based on the UEFA Champions League event, also releasing some screenshot-style renders to accompany the announcement, one of which partially revealed a PlayStation 3 ad in the background.

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Boink4915d ago

not quite as good as the pgr3 thing, but still funny:)

I have no doubt that is one of the things that will be edited out on the 360 version.

FFVIIFan4915d ago

But the King of In-Game Ads is Fight Night Round 3.

Boink4915d ago

I hate burger king for those ads:D

DJ4915d ago

EA can do whatever the hell they want, and I'm sure Sony paid good money to put that advertisement in. =P

BrotherSic4914d ago

Sony is one of the main sponsors of the champions league and i am pretty sure their deal will include game rights. I know in England we have an Sony advert before the start of each part of each match.

kingboy4914d ago

i was about to say same thing

OutpostCommand4914d ago

Hehehehe. Thats interesting.

You know what is nice now people ? 360 fans and PS3 fans can now not only resist starting flame wars, but can actually talk politely to each other, and not bash each others console.
It must be RL h4x.

I hope it stays this way...

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The story is too old to be commented.