The Most Influential Strategy Games of the 2010s

The strategy genre has seen a lot of movers and shakers over the last ten years.

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Total War: Rome II - Landmark RTS Hits 10 Years

Total War: Rome II launched 10 years ago today, and remains a staple in the grand strategy genre in PC gaming.

vTuro2485d ago

Ah yes, the game that killed all my interest in my once favorite franchise.


15 Best Ancient Rome Games of All Time

From underrated Xbox One launch titles to absolute emperors of the strategy genre, history heads will love these games based around Ancient Rome.

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Leeroyw220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

There's fifteen ancient Rome games?

LG_Fox_Brazil220d ago

Shadow of Rome was so freaking good

Sashamaz220d ago

I'm still waiting for the sequel.

HyperMoused219d ago

Ryse was awesome, i have no idea why it wasnt recieved well and why we havnt seen another, Rome conquered so much, you could take the action anywhere, and it looked great when xbox one came out, now would be even better.


10 Games Like Crusader Kings You Should Play

For players who can’t get enough of this period of history or this style of gameplay, here is a list of the best games like Crusader Kings players should check out.

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