4 famous games that completely butchered history

Bárbara writes: "History-inspired games have been around for a while and I’m pretty sure every gamer has come across one or two in their lifetime. And while they can be incredibly fun to play, their historical accuracy is often pretty shaky. Don’t get me wrong, in recent years developers have started to work harder to get facts right, but we’re still far from reality. Today we will explore 4 big games that butchered the chapters of history they are based on."

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843d ago
Sciurus_vulgaris843d ago

EA tried to market Battlefield 1 as an epic WW1 period piece. It was really just a hybrid of stripped down Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront (2015) disguised as WW1 shooter.

KyRo842d ago (Edited 842d ago )

I'm not sure what it was you played but it certainly weren't BF1. The campaign showing the different periods of the war through the eyes of different soldiers was a good way to show the harsh reality of a WW. Was it groundbreaking? No, but it was a good effort.

It also played nothing like SW and added a whole heap of things to the BF formula to simply be called a reskin.

Sciurus_vulgaris842d ago

The “harsh reality” of WW1 was not shown by BF1. There is mission where the player is wearing tank-like armour that is repeatedly stated as being near impervious to damage. Metal armour existed in WW1, but was quickly abandoned as it wasn’t effective against bullets or explosives. Or the other reality breaking mission we’re you play as a man with superhuman speed....

BF1 streamed down the guns mechanics making all weapons easier to use. Classes were marginalized and team-play was stripped down. BF1 focused on chaotic gameplay with no emphasis on strategy, just like Battlefront. Reduced gun skill , again just like Battlefront.

HyperMoused843d ago

So you you are telling me historically you cant jump off a ten story building into hay and live.

Unknown_Gamer5794843d ago (Edited 843d ago )

Indeed. Ezio actually died in ACII when he jumped off that tall building in Florence. If I recall correctly, that one was actually a cart with a pile of flower petals. Everything that happened after that was him in the afterlife envisioning where life would have taken him had he lived. Clearly the guy had a grim view on his future...

lonewolf10842d ago

I should of read this before I juuuuummmppee................. ............................... .....