GTA 6 release date 'best-case scenario' is Holiday 2021 says ex-Rockstar employee

An ex-staffer at Rockstar has teased that Grand Theft Auto VI may not be as close to launch as we thought, with Rockstar continuing painstaking development on the title

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Profchaos242d ago

It needs to be acknowledged and announced by rockstar first then delayed for a number of months which seems to only increase each game realese like GTA IV, v, max Payne 3, rdr rdr2, midnight club Los Angeles, la noire.

Actually everything they have made since San Andreas has faced a delay

ilikestuff241d ago

They really do delay all their games, I feel like when I hear a release date, I throw in 6 months and plan for that. If anything, maybe some day they will make good on their release date and I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

You know what would be awesome? If they secretly finished the game and dropped it on us out of nowhere in the summer. It would never happen but man that’d be cool

Profchaos241d ago

Yeah they know how to keep a secret so it would be great if they announced a game a week prior to launch they would still sell crazy numbers.

Even Thier PSP games were delayed liberty city stores basically recycled GTA 3s map and got a 3 months delay

roadkillers241d ago

Can’t blame Manhunt 2 on them

Profchaos241d ago

No can't blame them for manhunt 2 but I played both the final released version for PC, psp and the leaked uncut ISO for PS2 and well it was significantly lower budget than other rockstar releases of the time like GTA stories games. Still good but didn't really implement any new graphical features from later PS2 era rockstar games. I think they knew it would be a tough sell and gave it a smaller dev budget almost as if they wanted it leaked on purpose.

Profchaos241d ago

I think GTA 3 was even delayed due to 911 so yeah it goes way back

fatbastard11242d ago

My rule of thumb is if your website makes my phone freeze then the contents of your article are invalid.

Si-Fly241d ago

Please be set in the 80’s or better yet 70’s.

traumadisaster241d ago

They have the 50s covered with LA Noir, 1980-current with gta, 1900 with rdr so the 1960s and 70s would be left.

60s revolution and 70s would be cool, they could also do a Vietnam dlc.

Mr_Writer85241d ago

Wouldn't the warriors of covered the 70's?

241d ago
PoSTedUP241d ago

They did a gta London 1961. Wasnt all that different from gta 1 n 2 from what i remember.

AnubisG241d ago

It should be set today with all the crazy people in the past few years showing themselves to the world, it would be easy to make an interesting GTA6.

jambola241d ago

then 6 months later the online, then that's it for 6 years from rockstar

King_Noctis241d ago

This is not a reliable site for information. A lot of articles on it are click bait.

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The story is too old to be commented.