Is This What The God Of War Sequel Is About?

In a recent interview, Cory Barlog discussed what narrative he would like the God of War sequel to explore.

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The_Sage844d ago

I would like to know more about how they met, but I do not want a prequel. Just have it told through story and maybe flash backs.

NecrumOddBoy844d ago

I wonder if they would drop the single camera Effect for this. The fluidity of one continuous camera really made the experience fluid and beautiful.

The_Sage844d ago

I just watched the movie 1917 last night. It's amazing that the whole thing is one shot. Great movie.

Lilrizky844d ago

It's such an underrated feature when talking about the game. I read some people say God of War didn't innovate or redefine the genre but that camera work alone is revolutionary imo.

I really hope they never drop it

I_am_Batman844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

A no-cut camera can makes sense for a movie which you can watch in one sitting. Even then I'd say most of the effectiveness comes from reducing cuts to a minimum or to zero in a single scene. You can have some carefully chosen cuts and still achieve mostly the same effect. Having zero cuts in a whole movie is much more a technical achievement, than it is necessary an effective story-telling device imo.

In a game like God of War it's completely useless to be idealistic about having absolutely zero cuts. You get a loading screen everytime you die after which you have to replay the same sequence again. You also effectively get a cut everytime you go into a menu or pause the game. But even when looking at pure gameplay there are some fade to white moments that are basically hidden cuts. Not to mention that you probably won't play through the game in one shot anyway, so you're bound to pick it up from some point in between.

I absolutely love the continuous hand-held camera aesthetic in the story segments of the game, but you can keep most of it intact where it matters and still utilize some cuts, to unlock a lot more storytelling potential. The events following GOW3 weren't covered at all. They will probably have to explore that time-period in the next game so I think the one-shot idea has to go. If they do it correctly they can still have the same cinematic immersion while being much more flexible in terms of plot.

Edito844d ago

They can't drop it... it's the game signature at least for me...

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ClayRules2012844d ago


I loved 1917. That one shot with the camera was a complete surprise & really makes you, as the viewer, feel that much more involved in the story being told with these characters & don’t miss a single moment of what’s going on.

Fantastic movie.

The_Sage844d ago

For me it ramped up the anxiety. You see everything they're going through in real time and know that with everything they get no chance to rest. It's surely a movie that I'll watch again in the near future.

-Foxtrot844d ago (Edited 844d ago )

I’d like to see a bit of Freya’s backstory as well, I loved her character and would have loved to play her in a DLC expansion, maybe a young child Baldur to mimic Atreus gameplay


Shame about her dark turn but I do hope she’ll snap out of it at the end of the next game and help you finish it in the third game. She’s just struck by grief at the minute.

nucky64844d ago

i don't know, man........she seemed pretty pissed. some wounds never heal.

mgszelda1844d ago

I mean I'd put her entire speech but I think it's safe to say she hates kratos lol. One of these best ps4 moments is her speech.

The_Hooligan844d ago


What if Freya kills Atreus at the end of part two to get revenge on Kratos for killing Baldur. Then Kratos ends up pretty much killing everyone in the Norse Mythology in part three.

DVAcme844d ago


Actually, you're not far off, but flip Kratos and Boy.

UltraNova844d ago

Now that Kratos is a more complete character its even harder for me to accept a story twist where he dies. Personally, I don't wont to see anyone else being God of War other than Kratos. That said, I'd be fine if at some point they introduced another main character(Atreus?) and play with both of them in turns throughout the game, it might freshen things up this way by giving us a second character with an entirely new moveset and abilities something that will simultaneously open up new story and combat avenues for the dev as well.

-Foxtrot844d ago

Considering the prophecy about Kratos and Loki

I doubt Atreus will die in the second game

AK91844d ago

I'm more interested to know if they'll 'kill' Kratos off in this entry or the third one.

Smokehouse844d ago

The next game will be about the locked realms and Thor. Wild guess... I wouldn’t mind a flashback about his wife. She’s a huge part of the story even though we haven’t seen her.

Az1ner844d ago

I'm just excited for the sequel. Envisioning the kratos-thor fight? Wozers,. Seeing an older streus too, see if he sticks by pops or goes his own way. Interesting.

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