Bayonetta is a Modern Classic

After being founded in 2007 as a merger between SEEDS Inc. and ODD Corporation, Platinum Games soon established itself. Comprised of former Clover Studios staff, with big names like Shinji Mikami and Hideki Kamiya, the company debuted in 2009 with MadWorld, Infinite Space, and Bayonetta.

While MadWorld and Infinite Space have their merits and audiences, Bayonetta remains one of the studio’s best games eleven years later. As one of the few action games to rival Devil May Cry’s complexity, it is a modern classic.

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gamer780425d ago

honestly more fun than DMC also, and DMC is a great series. Too bad that Sega gave away the rights to it, really wanted to see a next gen looking Bayonetta 3 or 4.

ArmyVetGamer25d ago

Modern classic or DMC clone?

Its a decent enough game for all that it does as ive played them all, i just prefer DMC.

Darkwatchman24d ago

Hardly a dmc clone when it plays completely differently

ArmyVetGamer24d ago

Um you would have to be touched in the head to think Bayo wasn't grossly conceived as a result of DMC... lets get that straight right now.

Darkwatchman24d ago

Obviously they are both in the same genre, but they play completely differently. It’s not like Bayonetta is a one button action game whose complexity comes from mixing those delayed single button combos with special moves and advanced techniques.

Bayonetta’s core combat, on the other hand, uses 2 buttons; for punches and kicks. That simple change alone makes a huge difference in the way the games play. Bayonetta is more about long combo strings with a much longer move list available from the offset because of the nature of its 2 button combat BEFORE other weapons and advanced techniques like dodge offset are introduced.

Bayonetta and Devil May Cry are both character action games, but they are completely different beasts in the way they approach their combat.

AK9124d ago

Where's Bayonetta 3 then Ninty?

NukeDaHippies24d ago

hmmm....nah It's never had a dmc 1 or 3, y'know?

I like Bayonetta, but there's a lot of things that hold it back. Cheapass cutscenes, really poor story and not very memorable bosses. Bosses are 90% big ugly monster that swings at you and you dodge. I was hoping 2 did it all better but, it was worse in every area....especially the bosses. High hopes for 3