Fifa 09 Update Patch

EA has been hard at work on a patch for FIFA 09 and have now announced the general fixes of said patch. They state they are aiming for a release next week and among the issue's fixed are:
- Fixed side-stepping issue
- Improved advantage rule
- Fixed Stadium 23.Maj lag issue
- Fixed join issue in Online Team Play Lobbies

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ape0073649d ago

fifa 09 is better than pes 2009,coming from a pes fan,what's wrong konami

off topic

Cristiano ronaldo ftw,I want him to win the best player in the world prize,he deserves it

what an amazing performance today against stoke city

Man utd=greatest team in the world

anyone one love football here besides me and some others?

Arsenal4Ever3648d ago

me too.

FIFA 09 > PES09
FIFA 08 > PES 08
PES 6 > FIFA 07
PES 5 > FIFA 06

etc etc..

Ronnie073648d ago

I'm with you on all that except Fifa08 > PES08 should be the other way round

thetan50003648d ago

Fifa is still p1ss boring, and PES is still great to play.
No one cares about licenses, be a pro, or all that pointless crap, when it comes to the actual game engine PES is still miles ahead and just so much fun.
You know you are lying if you think otherwise.
FIFA demo pfffft deleted after 5 minutes.

LuvBurger3648d ago

I'm a 4th generation Juventus Supporter.

Del Piero is a legend

ape0073648d ago

alesandro delpiero is a true legend,you are right

btw,why everyone got so much disagrees ?

hate football or

too much hate in here

PopEmUp3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

is just a major improvement over the worses fifa version 07, and btw 08 is no where near better than pes 08, that not included the online, cause I know pes online suck compare to fifa, but without that I don't see a reason for me to even think of buying that game

United Rules!!

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StephanieBBB3648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

I have the urge to do it but then I remind myself that I dislike football. So the feeling goes beneeth the surface just waits there untill it's able to sneak up on me again =(

ionace3648d ago

if u buy u'll learn to like or even love football(soccer) trust its awesome

Strife Lives3648d ago

Its the best soccer game ever! And take it online,it seems Im the only gunner kicking ass online lol. Arsenal 4 life.

brianodom3648d ago

we're going through tough time but... ooooh to be a gooner!!!!

no_more_heroes3648d ago

that's an understatement. I'm still baffled at how we managed to lose to Hull at home. WE DON'T LOSE AT HOME! NOW WE'VE LOST TWICE AT HOME IN ONE SEASON!! I'm sad now.... :(

Ronnie073648d ago

Haha what's with all the disagrees? IMO Pro has been by far the better game until this year's. Last year i could look past the awful online of pro because the gameplay was still better. But this year...fifa takes it for me

ape0073648d ago (Edited 3648d ago )

you know what,the best pes games were the ps2 pse games,all the next gen entries seem downgraded and look and feels like plastic


free kicks and driblles were amazing yesterday,I think you came back to your true form,keep up the good work ronaldo.

bubbles for you man

jmcorp3648d ago

FIFA forever better than PES, and its a FACT...

the two games are so different they shouldn't be comapred any more,

FIFA - simulation

PES = arcade.

since PES 6, its has been 2 steps back and 1 step forward for the series, and you know i'm right.

PES is now really bad, played the demo and almost vomited, what a piece of crap.

no wonder they experience much less interest and first day sales than they did last year, and FIFA 09 sold better than all previous FIFA's. the masses cannot be fooled twice [email protected] milker.

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