New PlayStation VR [Headset] is coming out in 2020 says publisher.

For some time, there were rumors that a new PlayStation VR would be released along with the PlayStation 5. The assumption was recently confirmed by the publisher of Immersive VR Education (Apollo 11 VR and Titanic VR). The company released a financial report that mentions the new Sony VR headset.

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core_51603d ago

No, he said a new PlayStation VR Headset, not PSVR 2. Could be a Re-Design, maybe with ps5 in mind.

crazyCoconuts1603d ago

I'd be really surprised if Sony put another iteration of PSVR out before PSVR2. The lights and camera have to go for starters, as the new controllers don't have lights.

core_51603d ago

A re-design is always possible to drop production costs. They can drop the processing unit because this is only for 3D sound, which we know is a PS5 Built-in Feature.

Profchaos1603d ago

I think there's room for the psvr and psvr 2 or maybe call it the pro edition.

The new features like eye tracking finger tracking etc won't come cheap and Sony has been using price point to sell the headset to more than just hardcore gamers and vr enthusiasts.

It's possible the higher end device could co exist with the standard unit given the standard could get a bump in fidelity with the power of the ps5

Sono4211602d ago

I kind of assumed this would happen, PSVR2 come out along with PS5 optional of course. I was even thinking that VR would be a pretty big part of the reveal, I could be wrong though.

crazyCoconuts1602d ago

They're already on iteration 2 of PSVR revision-wise, and it's pretty late in it's cycle. They're not selling at a scale that would make dinner small revision worth it when a major redesign is right around the corner. Just my opinion, I could be wrong of course. I'd be surprised to see PSVR2 this year because I've assumed they have ambitious plans for it and thought they needed more time to fine tune the new innovations they want to introduce. Plus with PS5 coming out same year must be hard to focus

rainslacker1602d ago

It's possible as the input commands could just be interpreted from whatever they use now. Whether position updates come from a camera or hardware within the headset, the software won't be able to tell the difference. Any controller input would require a compatible controller though, and that still uses the camera.

But I'd imagine if this is true, it's just a new version of the original, probably with a price reductions.

jukins1602d ago

@core_5 ifnyoure referring to the breakout box it does more than 3d sound.

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kryteris1603d ago

easily be a version with out the tv adapter. to improve cost.

1603d ago
crazyCoconuts1603d ago

Oh man, that would make for an expensive Xmas. I assumed no VR until next year.

1603d ago
ApocalypseShadow1603d ago (Edited 1603d ago )

Maybe a refresh. Like a PSVR "mini." Similar to PS1 mini or the PS2 mini. Where it's the same size or smaller than Oculus Quest. But still comfortable and light.

That would be cool.

Dom_Estos1603d ago

The headset itself already is roughly the same size as Quest, apart from the halo, which is what adds bulk. For me the halo design needs looked at. Yes, it does a good job of balancing the front end, but those pads also trap heat escaping from your forehead, leading to overheating, which can eventually lead to nausea. The diamond rubber coating also eventually flakes off.

traumadisaster1602d ago

Being hot all summer outside you don’t get nauseous, fucking with ones inner ear equilibrium does cause nausea

Dom_Estos1602d ago

Overheating brings it on sooner or later. You doubt that, off you go to Google to do a bit of research.

1602d ago
ApocalypseShadow1602d ago (Edited 1602d ago )

Have you seen headsets like the Pico? They are much smaller.

Even the Panasonic VR goggles at CES are a prelude to smaller headsets built with smaller sensors. It may for only viewing video. But eventually, they will be as small as goggles or glasses. It's inevitable.

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Dom_Estos1600d ago

Not doubting that, about the gradual size shrinkage. It would have already happened, but the lenses are preventing it to an extent. They have to sit at a certain distance to the screen in order to get the optimal FOV without warping. In most cases, that's a 100 to 115 degree FOV. You can get slightly wider by moving your eyes closer, and I do that with the PSVR, but we'll either need two screens at an angle, or a curved screens with brand new lense shapes to get that wider FOV at a smaller form factor. The Oculus Rift (Half Dome) looks like the smallest form factor to date that compromises the FOV and lenses.