The 7 Best VR Social Worlds

VR doesn't have to be isolating, there are some amazing social platforms out there. Here are the seven best VR social worlds to explore.

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Sony no longer cares about the PSVR 2, and neither should you

It's a sad, disappointing story that could have been so much better.

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M3talDiamond1d 1h ago

Drop the price and a lot of people will care

blackblades1d ago

Can't drop price when you'll lose money. Also to note people keep talking about wanting them to do a vita 2. In reality it'll end up the same way as this and the vita. Then the same people would B* and say the same thing.

Cacabunga21h ago(Edited 21h ago)

I will care when they allow backward compatibility.. i do not want 2 headsets for my PS4 library

JackBNimble16h ago

If sony wants psvr2 to be mainstream, then they drop the price. Obviously they won't do that and it will just end up dying like the vita.

Shiro1735h ago

Vita only died cause of the proprietary memory card. If it used regular SD cards shit would still be alive.

Zeref5h ago

The Vita 2 will live if it plays the exact same games as the Ps4 or PS5.

I can't imagine it won't with today's technology.

InUrFoxHole1h ago

Allow back compat and lower the price. Id rather take the price hit and move what ever units I have vs. Leave them on the shelves. Unless sony thinks it's only a matter of time before they move the units

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StormSnooper23h ago

Not sure what this article is about because they just released a bunch of games for it…

Babadook719h ago

I’ll give you one word.


They’ve been at that since day one. They want it dead.

Neonridr7h ago

3rd party is anchoring it. It was sad when one of their main advertised games prior to the headset coming out lasted a whole 3 months (Firewall Ultra).

savedsynner4h ago

Agreed! Just some opinion piece with a click bait headline. I agree, PSVR2 is very much alive. It's clearly not the top priority i the PS lineup, but VR will only get better and IMO is not a fad like 3d tvs were15 years ago(remember those lol).

Plus, The PSVR2 is one of if not the only affordable VR headset with OLED, which will become PC compatible in August(minus some features like haptic feedback which for me, is not really a big deal)

maniacmayhem2h ago

A bunch? Are you sure about that?

And even if true, I think quality over quantity would be of better relevance here

S2Killinit17m ago

Yeah they did release a bunch of games recently. And if by “quality” you mean actual gameplay quality, then there is plenty of that in VR. In fact some of the best gaming experiences is on VR. But if by “quality” you mean flashy AAA, then no, not too many of those. Although there are some of that, but they are few and far between.

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ChasterMies22h ago

Sony dropped the price for their summer sales event.

fr0sty19h ago

Nothing more annoying than articles that assume things, and articles that tell you what to think, and this one does both.

-Foxtrot10h ago

I don’t think a price drop will make a difference

We’re just not quite there with VR to make huge impacts

Everytime we do make improvements it’s so expensive that you’ll never make it mainstream

Just seems pointless

We’ve had cool stuff like Half Life Alyx for example but most people still would just prefer a more traditional experience with these games for mass appeal. I can appreciate the cool things VR does for a game like that but if it didn’t have VR and it was just a standard game as long as it’s top quality I’ll rate it high regardless.

crazyCoconuts6h ago

I guess the fact that it's not mainstream doesn't take away from it being pretty awesome for the people that do enjoy it.
Re: preference on games, I'll say one thing, I can't go back to driving or flying games that aren't in VR at this point - it just feels wrong not to be able to turn your head.

-Foxtrot6h ago(Edited 6h ago)

Yeah I get that, I do, but I think the point here the article is talking about anyway is why Sony and others would leave it behind.

It’s cool, a great concept but if it’s not mainstream or no one can get it there so of course there’s not going to be much support for it

Why focus on something when most aren’t bothered

I’d rather they drop it for now and focus on more PS5 exclusive games

People can like it obviously but no one can get mad it’s not getting much support these days

Zeref5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

Ignoring the ridiculous amount of money Sony would lose.

The investment for most people is too high for little pay off. Even 300 dollars would be too much for a handful of games.

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ocelot071d ago

I care as soon I can have one headset that works on both pc and ps5.

fr0sty20h ago

They have an adapter coming in August that enables just that.

ocelot0719h ago

My comment should of been written like this.

I care, As soon I can have one headset that works on both pc and ps5.

arm711742h ago

Yes, thank you @frosty, semantics but never the less the point being.

Fishy Fingers23h ago(Edited 23h ago)

Admirable for persisting but after PSVR is it any surprise?

Half baked PC release feels more like an effort to shift dead stock then anything else.

VincentVanBro5h ago

That’s exactly what it is. Sony has a surplus of headsets.

VariantAEC2h ago

Totally the reason only 1 store had a single headset available. PS must have so much backstock they aren't selling to retailers! /s

dumahim49m ago


Or retailers don't stock them because they're not selling.