The Best Relaxing Games on PS4

Playing video games can oftentimes be stressful, but sometimes we just need to unwind with something calm. Here are 10 of the best relaxing games on PS4.

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VivaChe243d ago

Stardew Valley can get a teeny bit stressful when you’re managing a large field of crops that will die if you neglect them. And the Sims is relaxing until you have a family with multiple outside jobs to coordinate. But yeah compared to Call of Duty or whatever, they’re both chill for sure.

NecrumOddBoy243d ago

Flower is a calm and beautiful masterpiece but there is a little emotional stressors near the end.

RonsonPL242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Apparently men cannot get relaxed.

Besides the 8bit-styled one, which I skip (I was happy to leave those huge pixels behind, when I was selling my 8bit Atari, and don't miss it)...


Not a single one of the games on the list escapes the "for women" style.
Not. A. Single. One.
Either it has to look childish or it has to make you feel sad and melancholy.
The only one that could, has to look infantile thanks to a filter, cause of course it has to.

It's a damn shame, cause I love relaxing games. REZ, AAA platform games in PS2-PS3 era etc.
Now I need to install mods for Spyro just to be allowed playing without some pink/purple tint all over the place.
I need to relax after thinking about relaxing games state in 2020. That's not good. ;)