New Resident Evil Concept Art Reveals Scrapped Monster Designs

Capcom's Resident Evil series is already packed with gruesome monsters, but some never saw the light of day and remain on the cutting room floor.

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JokerBoy422446d ago

That spider zombie symbiote one is sick! I still want them to make that supernatural version of RE4 with the "Hookman" and haunted mansion. Now with the new inclusion of Eveline into the franchise we can do "supernatural" themes and zombies at the same time and itll make sense withing the mythos of the RE universe! Hopefully RE8 will do that. We got a small glimpse of it in RE7, I want more.

D3vilzRightHand446d ago (Edited 446d ago )

As a person with arachnophobia i tell you now, If i ever met that mob in a dark corridor i would probabaly scream like a little bitch and throw my ps4 out the window. I mean if that "thing" jumped through the windows like the dogs in RE1 i would literally get a heart attack. Just the picture alone makes it crawl all over. Fuck that !!