Active Quest Episode 52: Is a Huge Shift Coming with Sony?

Joseph, Chris, and Josh discuss Sony's likely PC releases and reluctance to go to E3. Plus, Chris rants about Byleth in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Mithan37d ago

If the future truly is cloud based technologies (I still think we are a ways out), then systems wont matter.

Ideally, all games would be available everywhere and the only real difference between systems would be performance type things anyways.

I wish all games were available on all systems.

Apocalypse Shadow37d ago

These guys are annoyed because Sony isn't making any announcements to counter all the ridiculous rumors or speculation. Calling Sony's strategy poor, pretentious, cocky or weird(in the podcast itself. I didn't make this up). When it's Sony's job to announce when ready. It's not Sony's fault that these fools want to be the first to say THEY announced Sony's announcement as if it's theirs to say. It's Sony's product. It's their right to say when and where they provide information about it.

"Why aren't they working with us journalists who want free bees?"

"Why aren't they spending the money to be at E3 so that we can be the first?"

"It's going to bite Sony in the butt if they don't work with us."

This is what I'm talking about. Individuals thinking the location and themselves are above Sony's product or message. They spoke of Sony's presentation with music that they thought was out of place. But no one had a problem when it was all on point with GOW, Detroit etc. One misstep the following year and then it's "Sony why are you doing this at E3?"

It's funny that Nintendo can control their own message. Decide what, when and where to provide that message like with ND. But Sony isn't allowed to do the same.

If journalists can't provide me with information on broken launch games, loot boxes, games built to grind to push micro transactions, season passes and dlc. Be fair in reviews without all their personal bias nonsense and social justice crap. Or click bait articles to create site revenue. Then why does Sony need them to tell me about a new console coming out when Sony can do it themselves? And the fans can be the word of mouth at experiences.

The shift is Sony controlling the message. Some want so bad to control the message with rumors, rumored leaks and speculation, that they are out of control. Or think they are more business savvy over Sony's 25 years in the business.

37d ago