AMD Boosts RX 5600 XT Clock Speeds To Counter NVIDIA RTX 2060

It looks like AMD has decided to counter-attack NVIDIA's price drop of the RTX 2060 by offering faster clocks on the Radeon RX 5600 XT.

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1-pwnsause-134d ago (Edited 34d ago )


Im building a gaming PC next month, but i rather hold off on buying GPUs right now just so that i can wait and see what Big Navi is gonna look like, not to mention Nvidias next gen GPUs. Im ok with my gtx 980 for now, yea i know its old, but it still has some humph left, but im switching out this year, still on a holding pattern though on what these two are gonna do....

phoenixwing34d ago

i'm trying to decide whether or not to build a gaming pc this generation. PS5 is day one for me but I'm just sitting here waiting for a switch pro to release with the joycon drift fixed so i don't have to worry about it. If nintendo doesn't get their act together and officially fix it i'm just going to build a pc i think. I just started a new job so money won't be an issue in a month or two.

33d ago
Asuka34d ago

I was on my 970 until just this past year, currently on a 2070. Your 980 as you say is still a great GPU. If I were you I would wait as well with high-end Navi around the corner and 3000series from Nvidia. Only reason I am sticking with Nvidia is for the nvenc encoder which is actually quite good on the RTX cards as I leverage GPU encode for streaming and rendering and etc.

KwietStorm33d ago

Pretty much the same for me. I'm getting the big Navi card for certain, but I'm putting a new rig together and I need *something* in there, so I'm thinking I might just get a cheap card that performs above it's price for now.

Father__Merrin34d ago

I'm stuck what next to get currently ive a 980ti. The best upgrade/price/performance for me would be a vega 64 but then I've an issue with psu size. Was looking at 1070ti il get a bump in performance in newer games it's possibly better for VR due to the memory being 8gb.

Leta see what the higher end navi brings

Sophisticated_Chap33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

If you're buying brand new, just buy an RTX 2060 Super, since it's cheaper and more powerful. The other option, which is also more powerful than the Vega 64 and GTX 1070TI, but is just slightly less powerful than the RTX 2060 Super, is the RX 5700. This card is also roughly $40.00 cheaper on average than the RTX 2060 Super, depending on which variant you get.

Father__Merrin33d ago

2060s is around £400 pre owned here same with the others that are in its power range. I might trade in the 980ti for a 1070ti and swap in 32gb ddr4 ram instead of the 16 I've got. I think il get better performance in VR specifically for DCS

Wontime133d ago

My 980ti died out on my in the spring.
I wanted a 2070 super but they were impossible to get so I settled with a nicely discounted evga 2080.
I'm happy with it.
I would've kept going with the 980ti if it didn't die and waited for amphere or big navi

WheatBread34d ago

You can't go wrong with either one really, they're both great cards at a great price.

HaveAsandwich33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

still running my i5-2500k with an R9 380. witcher 3 at 1080p, high settings, 45 fps. ballin. Thats meant to be a joke, but the setup isnt terrible at all for being many years old.

SirBruce33d ago

AMD R 380 is from 2015... 4 years ago. Maybe ending 2020 is the year to change PC for you... The Witcher 3 at 4K HDR with Ray Tracing on AMD Big Navi or Second Gen NVIDIA RTX can be what the doctor recommended you.

drpepperdude33d ago

I've been running with a r7 260x for a long time now and just recently got a RX 570. It's paired with a i7-2600 which also still works fine for about everything. My next upgrade is probably a few more years down the road.

HaveAsandwich32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Yea, it makes a person wonder if constant upgrades is even necessary for many modern games. If youre happy with 1080p, highish settings, stable 30 fps+, then the answer alot of times seems to be no. Im sure if I was running ray tracing and all that, there would be no going back though.

RazzerRedux33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Isn't this the same thing folks could already do with MSI afterburner or other overclocking software?

Gahl1k33d ago

Yes, but factory-overclocking is better for people who don't want to mess with a few hundreds of dollars.

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