Google wants to bring Steam to Chromebooks

A new report by Android Police says Google is working on bringing Steam to Chromebooks.

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NeoGamer23230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

There is nothing wrong with that. Gamers should be able to play on as many devices as possible, and even the smallest devices are getting good at playing complex games through streaming.

Steam is going to have to change otherwise it will become irrelevant in a few years. Vendors that don't allow me to play on many devices is going to be a major "must have" for me going forward.

Google Stadia, PSNow, and XB Console/xCloud Streaming will all allow that and I will favor platforms that give me the ability to reduce my costs and increase the amount of places where I can just pickup and play.

RazzerRedux30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

This isn't about streaming. Google wants a Steam client on Chromebook for playing games locally. That's fine, but they are going to have to come through with more capable laptops as they article suggests they will. The current offering is just pathetic unless you just want to browse the web and read email.

30d ago
kernel30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

why would valve go to the trouble of porting steam to chromeos? Only reason its even around is google paying politicians to have it used in schools.

Shiken30d ago

Streaming games is a concept that can crash and burn for all I care.

NeoGamer23230d ago (Edited 30d ago )

As a person who is "out and about" a lot I like to have streaming for when I am not at my home. I travel a lot in hotels, my country property, and in the city. Streaming to me is just an add-on to my gaming experience and allows me to play in more places without lugging my "portable" console setup.

I am also looking this next gen to save some money by not buying some consoles and reducing the ones I do buy.

battlegrog30d ago

the key here is cloud gaming for steam. The core being on pc but a scondary option to play in the cloud. Geforce now is not great because its so complicated because its third party and only some games make it on it. Rumor did come up that steam is working on a cloud thing

Gwiz30d ago

?So you can't install Steam on there now?s

porkChop30d ago

They use a custom OS, they aren't Windows laptops. Steam would need to support Chrome OS.

rainslacker30d ago

Chrome OS would have to support the games as well. AFAIK, Chrome OS doesn't use any standard gaming API that's used for most PC games like DX or Vulcan. If the chromebooks become powerful enough to support gaming, that'd be a good thing for them to implement into the system, because the high level API's they use for Google devices now is not good for higher end gaming. Some game engines can overcome this, but chrome books tend to use high level OS layers for applications.

ImGumbyDammit30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Yes you can by setting up Steam Linux version on your Chromebook. You can have access to your whole Steam Linux capable library. I don't know how well it will work because most Chromebooks are primarily email and web browsers and would have a difficult time running anything on Steam (even the dumbed downed simpleton games). Chromebook sell best at sub $300 which means most are crap gaming devices and I wouldn't expect a new sub $300 Windows laptop to run games any better. As soon as you get the mid level $500+ and higher spec levels $1000+ their value compared Windows based laptops looses any really edge it had quite quickly as those Windows based PCs at those higher prices really outspec the similar priced Chromebooks.

But if you want to give it a try. Here is a tutorial on putting Linux Steam and running games on your Chromebook.

Vits30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

They would have to revamp a lot of the core features of the Chromebook to make them by useful for gaming. Trading the current low end Pentium and Celeron cpus for Amd Zen 2 Apus would be a good start, but they would also have to finally ditch the low end DDR3 and 32/64 GB eMMC storage that most of Chromebook are still produced with.

Or they could just port Steam Link and call it a day.

SLiSH8330d ago

That would kind of making the chrome book, pointless if the specs would have to get bumped to support steam.
Chrome books are suppose to be cheap laptops.
And they have stadia

bluefox75530d ago

Most games on steam have very low system requirements. Most people ignore these games, but they are there.

BayAreaBird30d ago

Wait, what. Hahahaha. Most Chromebooks specs aren't that high. The most expensive ones may play some games on low settings but what PC gamer is going to spend that much for a crappy computer when they can get something more power for the same price or cheaper? I'm going to pick Google next upcoming chrome book, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. It's $999, has an i5, 256gb - 1tb SSD, 13in screen and that's it. No GPU. Why would a PC gamer get this? They could get a (I quickly type in "PC laptop gaming sale" and picked the first gaming laptop I saw) "MSI GF Series GF65 THIN 9SD 15.6 for $899. Has an i5 intel chip, 512GB SSD, a GTX 1660 and runs on Windows. Why would a gamer buy a Chromebook? There are some people but that's pretty much no one. You'll have to stream all your games to the Chromebook but really, what would you rather buy? A chrome book with chrome OS with weaker specs? Or a better laptop with better specs for less of what the Chromebook cost? If you really need that chrome OS, install it on a better laptop. I once had Apple OS Yosemite year ago because our school project required it. All the idiots used or bought a MacBook, I used my powerful laptop at the time and milti-booted my PC to run on Yosemite. I was not able to spend a lot on money for a POS underpowered laptop for what you pay. The i7s throttle your CPU, so what's the point in having an i7 in those.

rainslacker30d ago

I'd imagine this isn't for the high end PC gamers. More for the millions of other people who would still buy lower end games. Steam has hundreds of millions of users. Most of them aren't power users.

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The story is too old to be commented.