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CCG Writes - "Fight'N Rage takes place in a world dominated by beast-men who came to be after a post-apocalyptic disaster. They took to oppressing the regular humans, but some of them and some beast-men who oppose this racist attitude towards non-beast people refuse to lie down and accept this and aim to put a stop to the leaders of this effort to suppress humanity."

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Alexious32d ago

Rage against the machines!

TGG_overlord32d ago

Rage against anything that moves :P

jaymacx32d ago

I love classic style beat’em ups. It’s a genre often neglected by AAA devs so we can only get these games from Independent studios. This game is a blast.

Tiqila32d ago

Christ Like Jesus Christ? Dafuq

Direwolf48432d ago

Good to see more beat-em-ups lately.

ZeekQuattro32d ago

On my wishlist. I can never have too many old school beat'em ups.