Good Games with Bad Cover Art

Exclusively Games writes:

''“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” or so the saying goes. It’s harder to do than it sounds. ''

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SickSinceSix32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The article should have mentioned Mega Man in Street Fighter X Tekken was based on that cover.

Gaming10130d ago

They forgot Ico though, amazing game with the worst box art every for north america, and great box art for Japan.

29d ago
T1125P30d ago

I remember Meg Man's box art I had the game, hard game terrible art cover :D

WGAF30d ago

Landstalker should be on this list. The cover was a disservice to how great that game was back on Sega genesis. Though many Atari or Nintendo game covers back then aren't any better.

ChrisW30d ago

Landstalker's box art isn't that bad. There's quite a bit of detail in it and the body proportions are fairly accurate. However, Nigel's face is a bit... ummm... Kind of like a mash up of Spock and Kirk, with a bit of Kirk yelling, "KHAAAAAAAN!"

Endyo30d ago

I bought a poster of that Mega Man box art because it's so bad it's looped back around to being incredible.

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The story is too old to be commented.