Xbox Console Streaming (Preview) is Expanding

by Jonathan Hildebrandt, Principal Program Manager

"We at Team Xbox are excited to start off 2020 with an important update to the Xbox Console Streaming (Preview)!

Xbox Insiders in all Xbox One-supported countries can try the preview and help shape the future of game streaming starting today. That means you can try out the Xbox Console Streaming (Preview)!

Xbox Console Streaming is our new system feature that enables you to play your owned and installed Xbox One games, including Xbox Game Pass titles, on your Android phone or tablet, streamed from your home console. We view the public preview as an important step in our journey to deliver game streaming to Xbox players around the world! We are learning from Xbox Insiders like you whenever you participate in these new technologies. "

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Spurg1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Stream the game you already own for free...Xcloud best streaming service in the market. All we need is streaming to PC

Smellsforfree1234d ago

Yeah, Xcloud is nice but this article is about XBox Console Streaming which was previously supported on PC (Windows) and now looks like it is coming to Android.

Unspoken1233d ago

Need PC Beta expansion please.

Jin_Sakai1234d ago

Streaming is garbage no matter who does it. Lag, video compression, and internet reliant. No thanks.

1233d ago
fathertime44641233d ago

I've been using it since it became an open beta for all insiders, it works great. Most of the time there isn't noticable lag at all.
You should try it b4 you insult it.

343_Guilty_Spark1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

And get many are reporting that it works well for people on the go.

FanboySpotter1233d ago

You'd think jin of all people would know what options are since ps4 has an options button but ig not. Xbox streaming isn't a console replacement like what stadia is trying to do. Just another way to play, there is no "this or that" it's a "this and that if you'd like"

rainslacker1233d ago

I use remote play all the time and it's good for being able to play games away from home. It's not a replacement for all your gaming, but serves its purpose providing you have a half decent connection.

1232d ago
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ApocalypseShadow1234d ago

It is nice to stream your own games when it works for free. I believe in that over subscription services.

But please don't act like this is new now that they are doing it. Or is somehow better. PlayStation has had this feature for 14 years to various devices.

Welcome to the club.

SegaGamer1234d ago

Well, it's not exactly the same. You need to own a Playstation console to do it, and you need good upload speeds because it's running on your own internet connection.

crazyCoconuts1234d ago

@sega, I think that's exactly what Xbox CONSOLE Streaming is, no?

SegaGamer1234d ago

Console streaming, yes, but Xcloud is more like a better version of Google Stadia, mainly because you will already have a library of games to choose from.

ApocalypseShadow1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

True Sega. I've had hit and miss over the years doing it. But it's FREE.

But what Microsoft is doing, that's promoting Game Pass. A subscription. Remote Play has been free for 14 years. It doesn't need to be behind a paywall of a subscription service or bundled with it. Just a standard feature.

It's like, Microsoft takes something free, then monetizes it. Possibly leading others to not make it free anymore.

Online was free. Monetized with XBL.
Playing F2P games was free. Monetized where it's required to have XBL.
Playing Game Pass games online. Requires XBL.

X cloud which is Remote Play, is free. But they bundled it with Game Pass. Which isn't free. And again, requires XBL to play online.

Remote Play is FREE. PS Plus is not required for your own single player games streamed. Playing PS Now games online is FREE. No additional charge after the sub for single or multiplayer. Playing F2P games online is FREE. PS Plus is not required. And we only have to pay for online to play with others is because Microsoft led us there. They monetized it.

The more they keep monetizing free things, it's going to cost everyone and possibly lead Sony and Nintendo to do the same. And make some excuse on why they are doing it. I'm just seeing the future just like I was during PS2 and OG Xbox days.

SegaGamer1234d ago

Xcloud isn't remote play though, I can be used for that, but that isn't exactly what it is. You talk about a subscription, but you will only need that if you don't own the console. Xcloud will be free to use if you own the console and if you already own the games.

I don't want to get into what Microsoft has and hasn't yet monetised, that isn't what this topic is about. All I will say is that, yes, Microsoft did start all of that crap pay to play online, but nobody forced Sony and Nintendo to follow the same path. Microsoft didn't force their hand, they just wanted more money. As they say, vote with your wallets. If you don't like something, don't buy into it, it's your fault for accepting it. Paying to play online was one of the major reasons why I moved to pc gaming, I was sick of what these companies were doing to console gaming.

ApocalypseShadow1234d ago

I went the other way. Bought it cheap at $25, $40 and $40 for the discounts. Then killed it altogether. Sales were cheaper than the discounts. Or the retail copy was cheap. Like Sairento was $37. I got it for $15 new at Gamestop and had to go through the nonsense of someone asking me if I want insurance on a non scratchable Blu-ray. And instead of $59, I got Ace Combat 7 for $15 at Target.

Basically, I'm promoting subscription free. How it should be. Like when you moved to PC. All good.

fathertime44641233d ago

Remote play has not been free for years! You needed to spend a couple hundred on a portable console for it to even be an option

1233d ago
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derektweed11233d ago

I would like to try it but unfortunately I have an Iphone.

drunkenspy0071233d ago

Android only? Not that I find that bad, but it seems like they're missing out on half the mobile market.

fathertime44641233d ago

It's only for this part of the beta, they're doing android first, most likely because it's an open system with many variables.
Its stated that iPhone beta will be soon

drunkenspy0071233d ago

Good to know, but where did you see that stated? Didn't see in the article itself.

fathertime44641233d ago

I love the down vote, priceless.
If you're in the insider program and/or xbox group on reddit it's been stated by Microsoft themselves.
To the downvoters, be my guest down vote me again. Just shows that whomever you are that you're a tool

drunkenspy0071231d ago

lol, yeah not sure why downvote either, I gave you upvote to show wasn't me ;P and I appreciate the info

NeoGamer2321232d ago (Edited 1232d ago )

When you goto the xbxox console streaming web site it says it is only android.

I went into my PC app and streaming works with it as well.

LOL. Kind of interesting playing with a dual-shock 4 on my Android phone as none of my MS controllers are blue tooth.