Pokemon Really Should Bring Back Hard Mode

Ethan writes: "Believe it or not, Pokemon once had both an easy mode and a hard mode option back in generation V. It may be time for them to return in future releases."

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akuarius8736d ago

Do you really want your switch to melt?

shadowraiserx36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

i wish they do it at least as dlc this generation, In my case after been without playing any of the pokemon games after gold and silver back in the GBC, this game feels too easy.

KGEthan36d ago

There have been some tougher ones since the original Gold/Silver, but I do wonder why they got rid of the difficulty options after adding them in.

Welshy36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I came back to Pokemon when X/Y released after not playing since Gold.

Once it had its claws in again after beating X/Y i went back and picked up Black/White and I kicked my arse in comparison.

Even a mode where AI actively take steps to get the upper hand in type effectiveness would make a big difference. The amount of times they actually have pokemon that counter yours and they use "tackle" instead of the super effective etc is just dumb.

Sono42135d ago

I think it all really comes down to just a lack of effort from the developers.

I mean with Sw&Sh there is plenty of visual signs of lack of effort, from bugs to poor graphics, animations, pop in, lazy techniques like the screen just cutting to black instead of showing an animation, poor frame rate, a computer mouse appearing on screen during cutscenes and just overall low quality across the board, so it really isn't crazy at all to think this applies to back end stuff as well, like coding good AI opponents. They probably just can't be asked to take the time to make the AI intelligent enough to pose a challenge.

So either Gamefreak greatly increase their staff to produce an actually quality Pokemon game for once, or give the game to new developers, and I bet all these issues (And boy is there A LOT of them) will finally go away.

Xaevi36d ago

A hard mode and maybe a type of new game plus where you can start as an already veteran trainer with your fully leveled Pokemon from the previous game. Of course for the second mode they'd hafto balance out so that wild and trainers Pokemon are already around your level, maybe letting us go over level 100 in this mode

KGEthan36d ago

I think making a post-game storyline where you're already champion (and it actually matters) could be the best choice, alongside a hard mode. New game plus might be kinda tough/weird for a Pokemon game, but it'd be interesting for sure.

Xaevi36d ago

I remember they did something similar in Crystal. You were able to travel to from Johto to Kanto at the end of the game. If I'm remembering correctly you could even battle the gym leaders from Kanto. I remember I decided to leave all but my starter and start just like Ash would do whenever he left to a new region.

Teflon0236d ago

yeah, but it wasn't post game. it was just the one pokemon game where they gave 2 whole leagues for the main game

danny81836d ago

Or make it abit more challenging. This new series was super easy. Walk in the part. It got very boring fast

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