The amazing stories of a man you've never heard of

Phil Campbell discusses his work on numerous projects, from Tomb Raider to Beyond: Two Souls, and working with Brando and Bowie on The Godfather and Omikron: The Nomad Soul respectively.

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Here's a bit more on Brando from Campbell that was left out due to lack of time:

"I had been sitting just letting him get on with performing," Campbell said, "and maybe I should have stepped in sooner. It wasn't until he actually encouraged me to step in, with something like, 'If it's s*!t, say "Marlon, that was s*!t - do it again!",' that I did. I never told him his reading was s*!t, though!

"By the end of the session we we getting on famously!" he added. "He told me what a 'nice fella' I was and we talked casually about a few things, including playing the Bongo drums!

"Early on, I had asked him about the legend of pushing Kleenex into his cheeks to get the voice and he told me to not believe everything I read. Later on, of course, he actually did that during our recording - he pushed Kleenex into his cheeks to try to once again achieve 'the voice'! Unfortunately, it tended to actually make the sound of the lines more muddy and incomprehensible.

"Based on what he said on the tapes, Marlon Brando really enjoyed the process, and performed the script without any disputes or opinion!!!

"Ultimately, I feel proud and humbled to have written Marlon Brando's final script - and to have been sole witness to his final performance."

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