Where Are Our Lord of the Rings Games (Precious)

Middle-earth is in danger! So why haven't more companies delivered cool, AAA games inspired by Tolkien's work?

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Ninjamonkey82558d ago

A next gen follow up to shadow off war would be cool, Less the micro transactions.

Gaming101557d ago

Honestly, the microtransactions were garbage and didn't really reward anything. They just gave you a loot box that had a random piece of equipment that was no better than any of the equipment you are constantly finding every few minutes in the game. I can't imagine they made any money on those, and the bad press they got meant they should've just not put them in the game. Literally every guy you kill on the army roster nets you the same equipment or weapon you would get from a silly loot box, was a waste of time and money implementing it.

CorndogBurglar558d ago

I mean.....they came out with 2 LotR games this gen and they are currently working on a stealth/platforming game where you play as Gollum. 3 games in 7 years is more than pretty much any other franchise that doesn't milk yearly releases of the same thing.