PlayStation 5 Only Exclusives Could be a Big Advantage Early On

Gamerheadquarters; "While the Xbox Series X will be lacking in next generation only first party games, the Playstation 5 will be having some games that are just for that console early on. This could be a big advantage for the PS5, as those titles will fully embrace the extra power of that console."

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YEP41413d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Idk to me new console generations it takes 2 to 3 years for developers to really develop the power of the new systems...
only time a system had me drooling 🤤 on day 1 is Dreamcast and Xbox, Xbox360 sort of and ps2
Dreamcast killed everything

The Wood13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

So when should they start? . . . . Growth happens over time but don't you think it's best to start asap. It's almost like you're saying nothing good can come during the early years.

Nasdac13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

yes it is, that's why developers having development kits early on.. Especially the first party studios.

Shapeshifter7513d ago

I agree that it takes several years for developers to fully optimize the power of a console. But the earlier you start...the better dev's hit the ground running. That is what Guerilla Games did with KZ Shadowfall. If I am not mistaken, that was the first iteration of the Decima engine that was further built upon for Horizon Zero Dawn and later Death Stranding at the end of the PS4's life cycle. KZ Shadowfall was not cross-gen with PS3.

sampsonon13d ago

I don't know. I think the X one's best games came out within the first two yrs.

Unspoken13d ago

It used to take time to leverage the full power of a console, toward the end of the life cycle even. Now that an "exclusive" game is coming out on a console it will be optimized to the fullest extent day one. The Sony fanboys have to keep the forcefield in place due the fact the PS5 is going to be inferior in power and their delusions are about to be shattered. They have gripped down as hard as possible on the last remaining self soothing confirmation of the belief in their mesh of plastic and silicon that Sony will save them.

b163o113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I love how M$ are basically shooting themselves in the foot. New console old games, nothing new until maybe a year and a half after the release of SeriesX. Giving customers a reason NOT to upgrade; why don't they just drop the new console in 2022? I'm sure Xbone will be holding SeriesX back....

neutralgamer199213d ago


It's about market share. If Sony or any company can convince the masses the of device is must have than that in itself is success

gamer780413d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It does take at least a year or two, games are. Written to scale now so exclusivity within a platform holder doesn’t really matter, people will still act like it does though. It’s pretty smart on MS part , make a lore powerful console and even games spanning console generations will still look top tier for their time

Rude-ro13d ago

What does that even mean?
Microsoft just went 8 years without making a new AAA ip...
At this point, you buy the console that has a history of support..
Waiting in the beginning of a gen is one thing.. a gen and a half is a whole other ballgame.
Cool, some like third party “made in America”(while technically not made in America) games with subscriptions and pay to play free to play games..
but Microsoft has been so bad that there is no longer anything to debate or goal post move.

S2Killinit13d ago

I want exclusives right from the get go. The games coming out during the beginning might not be on par with later ones but the whole excitement of a new console generation is the possibilities and exclusives are a big part of it.

froy40213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Trust me you will notice the huge difference between next gen and current, especially if they end up with 10+ teraflops. Think about it, this gen started games with less than 2TF and even though the pro came out it was mostly just for performance because they wouldn't alienate the og ps4, so games from the start of the gen up until now have been made with the base console (og ps4) in mind. Now think about next gen ps5 where games are going to be made with base teraflops of about around 9 to 12tf in which games will be way more advanced and that's just me talking about computing power without even mentioning all the extra features it will have including raytracing, ssd, 3d audio, advanced haptic feedback and all the other features we still don't know about.

UltraNova13d ago

If recent rumours wanting the Series X being more powerful than the PS5 are true then Sony will have the advantage day 1 (in visuals etc) since their ps5 exclusives will be true next gen games and anything MS releases on the XSX will be held back to its core by the Xb1 ancient tech.

I don't know why people refuse to see this.

Good-Smurf12d ago

Uncharted Drake's Fortune certainly takes advantage of PS3 hardware despite ND had a hard time with PS3 hardware,it certainly not possible on PS2.

thejigisup12d ago

I woupd have agreed with this statement 15 years ago but not now. The x86 architecture certainly helps with scalability. We should start seeing massive gains earlier on as the consoles are closer to the PC's they are being developed on.

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RpgSama13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

They will show a really big gap early on, specially on AI and Physics based gameplay. When you will have a built from the ground up exclusive by Sony on the PS5 going against an upgraded for next gen Xbox game, the difference will show not necessarily in graphics and framerate but on a lot of other things.

This approach will only benefit Sony throughout the whole generation because development wise the Sony teams will always have a 1 to 2 years head start in getting to know and maximizing the hardware.

P.s: And this is bringing back not only the consoles but also PC, because most if not all developers need to take into account the Jaguar Infrastructure of current gen consoles when developing a game that will come out in PC if they plan to release over here.

starchild13d ago

You wanna bet? Why would this happen this generation when it never happened before? Games on PC will continue to look and run better. Some of you don't seem to understand that almost every single element, from physics to AI to graphics, is scalable. Just because a game is made for a single hardware configuration doesn't mean that it is going to look better than a game that scales on different hardware.

frostypants12d ago

Well said. Jaguar is the elephant in the room. Developing a game to be able to run on that, even acknowledging diminished settings, will 100% certainly skew broader design decisions for AAA-level titles.

frostypants12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

@starchild are you joking? The PC crowd has been complaining about console portability holding back PC potential for ages now. Seriously, where've you been?

xenz12d ago

@Starchild, AI and physics are not scalable. You are thinking about more debris etc, but thats not the same. Complexity of the physics code is still the same. PS5 only exclusives will be able to run more complex AI and physics calculation.

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ImGumbyDammit13d ago

OK give me good examples for PS4 or PS3 gen when then had guns blazing at the start of the gen with high quality first-party games that didn't look and act as if as they could have easily been made on the previous gen as well. This gen is going to be no different and the big hitters won't arrive day one or even 6 months later. For PS4 the first thing that looked like a real next gen game was almost over 18 months later with Bloodborne in 2015. Which is longer away from the PS4s release then even Xbox says they will support this gen with first party games. PS4 day of release you had Knack and Killzone. In 2014 you had Drive Club, Infamous Son, remastered LOU, Little Big Planet, MLB. In 2015 for the most part had the beforementioned Bloodborne, The Order, GOW III remaster, Uncharted: Drake collection, another MLB

Rynxie13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Resistance: fall of man. That wouldn't have been able to be released on the ps2.

Apocalypse Shadow13d ago

I'm only going to give you one.

Motorstorm would not have been possible on PS2.

And Killzone Shadow Fall not possible on PS3. Besides all the other games within the first year.

If you're going to strip the games down, then it's no longer a next gen game. The lighting, textures, physics, A.I., etc.

Some are acting like next gen is some type of foreign concept. Let Microsoft wait as their opponent runs away with the sales again. Or act like Sony won't have games in year 2 that won't compete against Microsoft's waiting.

RazzerRedux13d ago

Looks like you answered your own question.

nucky6413d ago

stop living in the past gumby. we're talking about 2020. are you suggesting nobody should buy a seriesX because of the xbox360 rrod disaster??? no. because it doesn't matter now either.
live in the present.

Da_Ocsta13d ago

The SSD in the new consoles is supposed to allow larger, more seamless worlds. The old consoles have no SSD.

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Heavenly Sword.

The jump from PS2 to PS3 was enough that there were stark differences in game design. The jump from last gen to this one, the differences weren't really that vast.

Just because we've had one generation out of 8 that didn't show marked improvement in games or game design, doesn't mean it is in any way the norm.

I think there are a lot of gamers who haven't been around for a while to really understand the concept of what new generations should mean. Yes, this gen's upgrade was disappointing, and really only about graphics. But, every gen before this one was not like that.

You should want a jump like we had between the SNES and the PS1. You should want a jump like we had between the NES and SNES. You should want a jump like we had between the PS2 and PS3. That to me is what a new generation should be. Just because it didn't happen this gen, doesn't mean we should give up hope that it will never happen again.

Advocating that it's perfectly OK to just settle for graphical leaps is what makes publishers complacent, and the more you allow devs to not have to care about advancing games, means the fewer devs that will actually try to advance games. The number of devs that truly try to push the envelope is becoming negligible. Not always the hardware's fault, but there was a time when we as a community were more than happy to call out devs as lazy because they just did the same old thing that everyone else was doing.

Demand better, and maybe you'll actually get better. Demand nothing, and you'll get nothing. Publishers will be more than happy to provide you with as little effort as necessary to part you of your $60, and expect you to thank them for it.

MS fan boys have gone about talking about new games as a wait until E3, to saying, "Wait a couple years for next gen". It's rediculously laughable just how much they love waiting for stuff, yet Sony is the DelayStation.

TheTony31613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword and Uncharted 1. All released within the first year and not possible on PS2.

Good-Smurf12d ago

Gran Turismo,3 Uncharted Drake's Fortune,Infamous Second Son

darthv7212d ago

@above, those thinking motorstorm would not be possible on the PS2 only have to look at the PSP for proof. PSP got a little big planet game, motorstorm game, resistance game... all of which were initially released on the bigger brother PS3. So dont go thinking that it would not be possible when it is a matter of if they wanted to they could.

PSP was essentially a portable PS2 and the smaller screen was a benefit for hiding the reduced nature of these games... but it was still possible.

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Muzikguy13d ago

It will most definitely be. Sony is going to have such a big head start this next gen.

CaptainHenry91613d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Microsoft put it on themselves. Oh well it is what it is

rainslacker13d ago

Early on? Haven't they been Sony's big advantage all gen? Why would next gen be any different?

frostypants12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

The people who have allowed themselves to be fooled into thinking that NOT having launch exclusives is a good thing are the kinds of people who could be convinced to buy ice cubes in Antarctica. I can't fathom being so willingly gullible.

CaptainObvious87812d ago

The damage control and brain dead logical arguments from ms apologists here is really something to behold.

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sibyl113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It's the main reason we even have generations. I can't wait to see what creative people can do with Zen and SSD's that are 2000x faster than HDD.

sibyl113d ago

I thought we were talking about consoles...

No, that's why they are held back by old hardware.

zackeroniii13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

we're not talking about PC's here are we now? We're talking about home consoles.

we know where your loyalty lies...but stop being ignorant.

tontontam013d ago (Edited 13d ago )

No, That is also the reaaon why you can only see the full potential on tech demos and never in actual games.

Unspoken13d ago

PCs typically are held back by consoles, very true, though the consoles themselves are iterations of PC hardware now more than ever. It's why console necessitate the need to have a generational leap in hardware tech. Once the devs extract as much as possible they can no longer put in additional options as they do in PC, where we have the ability to upgrade.

nucky6413d ago

no. just expensive upgrades that happen more frequently than new console gens.

Fluttershy7713d ago

Come on that is such a silly thing to say

Thundercat7713d ago

We are talking about consoles in case you didn't notice.

r2oB13d ago

Technically yes, they do have generations. They are just not as defined as console generations. PC games have minimum requirements, which is similar in that the old hardware can no longer play the new games. So if you want to keep playing newer games you have to buy newer hardware, like console gamers have to buy the newer consoles.

If you have a PC that can only play games from 2013 because it doesn't meet the minimum requirements of newer games, guess what, you have an older gen PC.

Consoles leap into newer generations (typically 5 or more years between them), where as PCs take steps into newer generations (typically upgrading components every 2-3 years or so).

So to reiterate, yes, PCs have generations because the principle is the same as console generations. You are buying completely new, upgraded components to run newer games. PC gamers just built it themselves usually (either piece by piece or completely), where as console gamers buy the machines already manufactured.

F0XH0UND92213d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Do you even think about shit before you type it? Dear lord man, your squirming and damage control is level 99.

SirBruce12d ago

Software + hardware generations... when a DirectX or OpenGL/Vulkan main version gets full compatibility on hardware, we can speak of a new gen. Example: It happened when pixel and vertex shaders become "the same" for the pipeline (starting with Xbox 360 launch... curious).
This year, it is turn of Ray Tracing/3D Audio, as AMD, NVIDIA and Intel will have it implemented in hardware with full support for gaming and DirectX/Vulkan will be able to use it with no many compromises.

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ImGumbyDammit13d ago

2000x faster ? Whatever you are smoking you should share with the group because that is one wild trip you are on.

2pacalypsenow13d ago

I think he was just exaggerating.

ziggurcat13d ago

Every time they said that line, it reminded me of this:

MajorLazer13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Yep. Planning to get the PS5 during launch so I want to see games built just for the PS5.

MasterCornholio13d ago

If they do end up looking like they are a generation ahead they might.

rainslacker13d ago

If Sony does have something that shows a true generational difference, especially in more than just graphics, then it's really going to hurt MS. If people see what next gen can offer in terms of game design, then maybe they'll understand why what MS is doing isn't a good least in principal, because it may be perfectly fine if MS isn't bothering to make next gen games right now. All those studios they brought, and MS has basically said they're finally getting around to making current gen games.

MasterCornholio13d ago

It's like when Sony released Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son that showed off some of the things that only the PS4 was capable of. That's why I'm excited for next gen exclusives because sometimes they show off features that are not possible in the current gen.

waverider13d ago

Just imagined what ND, Insomniac, GG, Suckerpunch and others will be able to do with the end of the piece of crap Jag CPU and super fast traverse with SSD. Without any chains in the creation of the next gen game!.

mandingo13d ago

Imagine what 343 the coalition ninja theory and playground games can do too

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

Apparently he thinks they'll be making 480p Xbox games, and it'll be impossible to crank up the Series X.

zackeroniii13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

i upvoted because i thought it was a stealth troll...then i realised you were probably being serious and actually believe that rubbish..


13d ago
mandingo13d ago

Ah yes downvoted for no reason

Muzikguy13d ago


It's crazy isn't it? Same group.pronanly calling all these Sony fans "blind fanboys" or whatever else are constantly believing lies that MS tell them. When this last gen started it was "cloud this" "cloud that" everywhere. Now there's not even a whisper.

RpgSama13d ago


"Why is it so hard for you to understand there is a difference between graphical scaling and using the hardware for things that weren't possible before."

10000000000% this!!!!

"Are you guys dumb or are you purposely ignoring what everyone including people from the industry are saying?"

I can only imagine the type of things they would be saying if the situation reversed itself and was actually Sony the one having this approach instead of MS, we would never hear the end of it, but they follow blindly whatever the big MS tells them to believe

rainslacker13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Guess we'll find out in 4-5 years when they finally start delivering games tailored to next gen systems, instead of designing games that can be run on current gen hardware.

Kind of like the cloud all over again. All this furor about how great it is, but it'll take so long for them to do anything with it that it'll be irrelevant for the generation by the time they deliver.

waverider12d ago

I hope they can make something new and cool. Microsoft need new franchises that make gamers want to buy their games and consoles,

TKCMuzzer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Maybe but by the sounds of it we won't find out for at least three years, that's the point.

@Guilty, sort yourself out, cranking it up isn't the issue. If you design for the next gen consoles from the ground up, you design with the new SSD etc in mind, you design bigger worlds, faster travel, that becomes the foundation of design. The trouble is the MS devs can not do that, they have design games with the Xbox One S as the start point, so the worlds will be limited in size. You can't just make a bigger world for series X otherwise its not the same game across machines.
This is not about the power of the consoles, or the quality of the devs, its about the restrictions being implemented which stifle the ground work of design.
If the foundation is limited, you can only build so high, so stop being ignorant to the issue in hand, Microsoft are technically throttling the series X for two years.

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TheRealTedCruz13d ago (Edited 13d ago )


"i upvoted because i thought it was a stealth troll...then i realised you were probably being serious and actually believe that rubbish..


This is why I can't stand n4g at times. Comments like this that get promoted. According to this mindset that is apparently shared by the N4G community, quality developers like the ones you mentioned won't also be putting out much more visually powerful content, now that they have access to far more powerful hardware.

Green man bad.
Blue man good.

Remember though, despite being a more popular platform, and having more award winning games under its belt, there's always an anti-Sony narrative being had within the journalism industry, and N4G is by no means biased; according to N4G.