No Huxley US launch in 2008

Big Download writes: "It's been a long, hard road for the Unreal Engine 3 based sci-fi MMOFPS Huxley. The Webzen-developed game was first announced way back in 2005. Earlier this year it was announced that NHN USA had picked up the US publishing rights to the game and planned on launching it as a free-to-play MMO on their web site before the end of the year.

Unfortunately it looks like that's not going to happen after all. We have learned that Huxley's launch has been pushed back for the US market until the first half of 2009. We spoke on the phone with NHN USA's PR rep who said that the development team wanted more time to handle the game's localization issues. Huxley has been in open beta in Korea for the past few months."

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ASSASSYN 36o3624d ago

No sht. 2008 is virtually over.