PS4's Back Button Attachment Is Impressive, Comfortable, and May Tease the PS5

The DualShock 4's new accessory works well, and hopefully sets the stage for things to come.

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Agent_00_Revan13d ago

I really wish they released this sooner. Seems cool. But it's really late in the PS4's life

GamerRN13d ago

But didn't everyone say the buttons on the back of the Elite controller weren't needed?

Palitera13d ago

Most people don't even care about whatever irrelevant thing is this "Elite controller".

UnholyLight12d ago

@Palitera to consider the Elite controller irrelevant is a massive oversight

frostypants12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

No, everyone didn't say that. I might have, but then I won't be getting this upgrade either. I'm fine with the existing setup. But I won't knock people who prefer it.

bouzebbal12d ago

I'm just worried about the battery life.. I wish it came with built in battery to help enhance controller's battery life

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Flewid63813d ago (Edited 13d ago )

There are people with long backlogs only halfway thru PS3. PlayStation as a brand is simply a legacy platform now that stretches beyond just the consoles. This attachment will probably bleed into next gen anyway.

darthv7212d ago

This is to extend the functionality of the DS4 to work with the PS5. And it is likely the DS5 will have something like this built in. At least you will already have a controller to use as a 2nd player (unless the PS5 comes with 2). It is making the controller forward compatible.

bouzebbal12d ago

That's a way for them to test the market, and get some feedback before they finalize DS5 design

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AnubisG13d ago

I don't see the point of this. Maybe it's useful for some people but for me, there is no point.

RazzerRedux13d ago

I like using pedals instead of LS and RS which I've always found awkward. But each their own.

bouzebbal12d ago

Or street fighter.. I always hated using special attack with L1 always found it awkward cause it's located same side as the dpad.
The other cool thing, still in fighting games is I can have light medium high punches kicks at once!!!!!!!!

TrueMetal13d ago

It's great for Souls/Bloodborne games since you can run and roll without removing your right thumb from the analog stick.

TFJWM13d ago

My guess is you can use ps4 controllers on ps5 and this will match up with ps5 controller.

AnubisG13d ago

I didn't think of that. That would make sense.

Bathyj13d ago

If go a step further and say if this attachment is successful which it looks like it will be, it's hard to believe it won't be integrated natively into the PS5 controller

BlackDoomAx13d ago

Because you play games than must be on mobile devices too. How 2 more well placed customizable buttons can't be useful ?

AnubisG13d ago

Because the DS4 is just perfect as it is. However, some guys have brought up some good points that I didn't think of so how knows?

FinalFantasyFanatic12d ago

It'd be fine for me if they added extra buttons, but it just remaps existing ones, so I don't really care for it.

AnubisG12d ago

I was thinking the same.

Muzikguy12d ago

I keep thinking how I'd map the options button to the right one and people don't seem to like that idea. I just never liked where the options button is on the controller. I could see the other one being great for L3. I'm going to get at least one

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crazyCoconuts13d ago

For those that were sure this would be a cheap feeling accessory just based on reading the press release, please feel free to repent below... 😉

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KwietStorm13d ago

If the PS5 pad only has 2 back buttons then I'm staying with third party again.

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