It's Time For Battlefield To Return To The Present

Skydiving, trick shots, jet skis, collapsing skyscrapers — bring it all back when Battlefield returns in 2022.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane481d ago

Been saying this for ages. I'm really missing a modern day Battlefield sick to death of these time pieces....

Although EA during earnings call has said no Battlefield until 2021/22 so I wonder what their plans are for this fall cause they usually release a game every fall without fail.

It could be the rumoured Bad Company 2 remaster I'd be sooo up for that.

Xaevi481d ago

What difference would it make? Honest question. Regardless of time setting the series hasn't taken any steps forward, and modern warfare won't change anything. I love the concept of Battlefield, I think I fell for the series when I really got into BF43, but EA has been pushing it to appeal to the mainstream for so long I've given up on it.

isarai481d ago

Bad Company 3, and bring back micro destruction.

UltraNova481d ago

With next gen I'd expect high level destruction. Maybe a drastic shift in map dynamics while the fight progresses is exactly what the Battlefield IP needs to be rejuvenated.

iagainsti120481d ago

For the love of god bring back the Battlefield 3/4 class and weapon progression system. I cant stand how it works in 1 and V. Also Bad Company 2 like destruction. Modern weapons would be great since there is a much larger selection to pick from making for a more personalized experience. There is nothing quite like getting the perfect head shot from 600m away from your target with a modern precision rifle.

RebDomine2481d ago

It will be Vietnam the next one.

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