CD Projekt RED doesn't rule out PS5 & Xbox Series X versions of Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt RED once again expressed a positive opinion on the possible porting of Cyberpunk 2077 to next-gen consoles. At the same time, the representative of the Polish company emphasized that at the moment the main goal is to release the game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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ProLogY13d ago

There will undoubtedly be Ps5 or Series X patches just like there were X and Pro patches.

fathertime446413d ago

I highly doubt you can say undoubtedly there will be patches. Half the industry doesn't believe that forward and backwards comparability is a good idea.
Hell they think that it's such a shit idea that they're promoting that the ps5 doesn't have it as a positive thing

yomfweeee13d ago

These are different scenarios and we're sorry you can't understand that.

Taking a current gen game and enhancing it for next gen... no one is saying that is bad.

But when you have a new generation of a console that is 5 to 10 times more powerful... if you try to target both gens, you will not achieve full power. That is why there should be first parry exclusives to jump start next gen, showcase the power of the system and give a real reason to buy into the console.

You Xbots will say "scalability", but it doesn't work like that. Sacrifices have to be made.

fathertime446413d ago

Oh I completely understand, I understand that the x1 is a pc more than any other console b4 it, I understand that the sx is even more like a pc than the x1, I also understand that my shit laptop can run the same games on low settings as my pc on high. I also understand that in order to have more physics in a game on the one will require lowering graphical settings on it to spare power. So yeah a sx game can/will be uglier on the x1 but that doesn't mean they'll be unplayable on it or shit on the sx.
What I also understand is you little pony's are just hoping that its shit because if it works then y'all will have had to upgrade to the ps5 on day one for now other reason than to give sony more of your money whether you're ready to or not

r2oB13d ago

What you dont seem to understand is that nobody in their right mind thinks the Series X games won’t look better than the One S counterpart. However, the problem with making next gen games compliant with older hardware is that you are bound by the older hardware’s capability. Graphics aside, Microsoft will make concessions to their “next gen” games because of them having to be playable on the One S. You think Microsoft is going to release Halo Infinite for the Series X with huge maps that can fit hundreds of enemies on screen, with advanced AI, while not dropping a single frame; if the One S can only handle smaller maps with half the enemies, with tradition whack-a-mole AI? No, they will make the map small, reduce the amount of enemies, dumb them down and just increase the graphics. You may be fine with that, but don’t pretend like it’s a good thing all around to sacrifice the integrity of a “next gen” game just to release it on antiquated hardware. They could simply release games for the One S designed around the One S, and release games for the Series X designed for the Series X.

Also, unless your shit laptop has a GPU equivalent to a GTX 960, which is the minimum requirement for Cyberpunk 2077 to run in low settings, then you won’t be able to play this game (you may be able to start it up though). So don’t act as if lowering the settings of games automatically allows them to be playable on old PCs. Even PC developers acknowledge when hardware is just too antiquated, and is better to be left behind, which is why they have requirements listed for their games.

RazzerRedux13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

PS5 will have PS4 backward compatibility. More than likely, some PS5 games will also run on PS4. Time will tell.

"I understand that the x1 is a pc more than any other console b4 it"

Don't know what PC you are talking about except it is a lame one.



Yes, "half the industry" even.

silenthillstrangler13d ago

Except the PS5 will be backwards will also have exclusives.

starchild13d ago

"You Xbots will say "scalability", but it doesn't work like that. Sacrifices have to be made."

No, it does work like that. PC games scale across a wide range of hardware and they still look better than what the PS4 offers. The same will be true this generation, no matter how many of you want to believe in magical optimization and secret sauce.

I thought for sure Sony would at least support the PS4 Pro with the same Sony exclusives and multiplats as the PS5 until the middle of the generation. It looks like I'm only going to get around three or four years of use out of my PS4 Pro.

BrettAwesome13d ago

Physics and AI will be sacrificed in order to run on the shitty Jaguar cpu we all had to suffer this gen

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rockwhynot13d ago

Could someone give me an example of a back comapt game that was patched for a better experience on a newer console please?

Lord_Bearmont13d ago

I could be way off but I believe Gears of War 2 and/or 3 got patches like thay.

fathertime446413d ago

Well shit you've got knights of the old republic 2 on the 1x, assassins creed on the 1x, bllodrayne 2 on the 1x, conker live and reloaded on the 1x, I can keep going if you'd like. There's many backwards compatible games on the 1x that have been greatly improved. Hell there's a whole list on

franwex13d ago

I believe COD kinda did it in the beginning of the gen. If you had say a ps3 COD Ghost, the game came with a game code, if you used that game code on PS4 for $10 you would get a digital copy of COD Ghost for ps4.

Other than that, I cannot think of an example. Maybe a Gameboy color game? But not exactly.

gamer780413d ago

pretty much, they will scale better at the very least, but probably also patches if needed for higher textures etc.

BrettAwesome12d ago

One disagree to me. One dumb fuck who has no clue what we're talking about

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Shapeshifter7513d ago

CDPR already said early on they were building CP 2077 with next gen in mind. I am almost sure they will add textures, lighting, RT, and frame rates that will make use of the higher spec consoles. Probably be a heavy patch like they did...but even bigger...than when they upgraded Witcher 3.

rockwhynot13d ago

Yeah I remember them saying that last year. Restated multiple times actually.

Zeref13d ago

waiting to play it on the Series X

shalawsorchi13d ago

Yeah I think many will skip buying this on the current gen, which is understandable of course. I hope they can delay it to the next gen.

wwinterj13d ago

Why do you hope they delay it? It's been built on current gen but will come out for next gen(probably when a game of the year version happens) and the major fanbase will still be current gen. It's fine if you wish to wait yourself but to hope a game is delayed seems very selfish.

Dovergamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Waiting to play it on the PS5, 'caus ps5 will have exclusives and Microsoft will not until 2022...^^


Dovergamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Zeref, the thread was about 2077. Everybody knows that the game is cross platform. You showed your insecurity telling people where you want to play it when NO ONE ASKED YOU. Hence that's why I typed the sarcasm.


Zeref12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Do you read your own bullshit? The article is about Cyberpunk and nextgen. I just stated that i am going to wait for Xbox Series X to play it instead of buying it on release. That is my opinion which is the topic of the article.

Why do you have a problem with my comment other than that my choice of platform is not the same as yours?

Dovergamer12d ago (Edited 12d ago )


"Do you read your own bullshit?"

Oh yes, the salty tears of an XBOT. These are so tasty. Every forum has such individual who gets roasted to no end. Let me not be the exception of roasting such individual formaly. Eventually you will stop being an XBOT when the PS5 launches. It's a matter of time. Exclusives will have a say. Don't worry.


"The article is about Cyberpunk and nextgen. I just stated that i am going to wait for Xbox Series X to play it instead of buying it on release. That is my opinion which is the topic of the article."

How can we make such assumptions when we know nothing about the performance of both consoles. I can't make such assumptions without knowing how the game will perform on the XBOX series X or the PS5 brand. For that I have to wait on concrete results.

"Why do you have a problem with my comment other than that my choice of platform is not the same as yours?"

Experience says that both consoles will have similar specifications and the performance will not be significant on each console. Moreover, on the PS5 I will have another luxury called exclusives. See?


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medman12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

I'm waiting as well, not just because I want to experience it to it's fullest on the best console hardware available, but because my current backlog of games is very long. If I bought it day one on ps4 I don't even know when I would get around to playing it. I'm willing to wait awhile to play it on Series X or PS5.

It will be awesome if it hits 60fps (or above) on the new consoles, with it taking advantage of freesync. I wouldn't mind if it could deliver that framerate in 4k either.

Outlawzz13d ago

It's obvious this will be released for next gen, it would take the sky falling for this not to release next gen.i don't even know why this would be news

shalawsorchi13d ago

I would rather play this on next gen, who wouldn’t love to play this game at 60fps

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