Skies of Arcadia Developer Wants to Develop a Sequel

Skies of Arcadia developer responds about wanting fans to help get a Skies of Arcadia sequel greenlit by Sega.

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BlackIceJoe414d ago

I'd love this to happen. I think it also would be great if a remake of the first one came out too.

ApocalypseShadow414d ago

Well damn! Took this long to THINK about it?

Unless developers from the now defunct Sega Overworks/Sega Wow came back together to make it, there's no point. Just remaster the old game and release it on Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

Sega took too long to do anything with their best properties. I love the old Sega more than all these companies. But even I see that it's just wishful thinking. We're more likely to get ANOTHER Yakuza than Skies of Arcadia.

TheOtherVitaOwner413d ago

They may have actually tried to make a sequel back around 2004 but the plans fell through.

Relientk77414d ago

It's an amazing JRPG and of course I want a sequel!

TheColbertinator414d ago

Please do. If we get a new Sakura Wars, we need a new Skies of Arcadia too.

Runechaz412d ago

Start by releasing an HD version of the first. Then a propper sequel, and not a hack and slash one please...