This Harry Potter RPG inside Minecraft will blow you away with Details

Today we have evidence that anything is possible in Minecraft. A group of students known as The Floo Network spent nearly 4 years to make a Minecraft Map, that is a Harry Potter RPG. This team of four creative youngsters spent much of the time designing these objects and making an exact replica of Harry Potter. Everything is made an exact Replica, and this looks so good. You can clearly see the long dining tables with candles in the air, and there are the exact teachers from the movie too

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Neonridr39d ago

This is some incredible work.

Kratos_Kart200737d ago

I can't even make a split level bungalow on

Smellsforfree37d ago

I just have this sinking feeling this won't ever be released due to not being officially licensed content. They should have just released it and not have any PR before hand if they wanted to release it for free.