PSX Extreme: Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge Review

PSX Extreme writes: "There's something inherently challenging in creating a game that must recreate multiple sports, especially when many of the competitions would require a completely different control mechanic. So when it comes to titles like Summer Athletics: The Ultimate Challenge, we sympathize with the developers because in our opinion, they weren't in an enviable position. However, instead of rising above, 49Games fails where so many other studios have failed: they just can't bring us an Olympics-type video game where the control is both accessible and sensible, and furthermore, the technical aspects of the production fall by the wayside. Beijing 2008 was terrible but this title is even worse due to overly complicated control, a severely lacking presentation and terrible graphics and sound. From swimming to pole vault to cycling, they get very little right and a whole lot wrong, so if you were entertaining the idea of a possible purchase, we're about to disabuse you of that notion right now. Sure, it may seem appealing for simple family-oriented athletic entertainment, but nobody is likely to enjoy themselves."

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