Final Fantasy 16 and What it Should Be

Final Fantasy is one of gaming’s most enduring franchises. In the 32 years since its Famicom debut, the series has gone through dozens of changes across its mainline entries, sequels, and spin-offs. Final Fantasy 15 continued this mantra with its divisive, action-driven open world installment. However, in appealing to the widest possible audience, Square Enix diluted the RPG elements in what was once one of the premiere role-playing franchises.

With the Final Fantasy 7 Remake looming, it’s time to look toward the franchise’s future, examining how Final Fantasy 16 can become worthy of the franchise’s name.

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TheColbertinator1120d ago

Another soundtrack by Uematsu is what I want most in a new Final Fantasy game.

Spenok1118d ago

Best composer in the world!

Rebel_Scum1118d ago

It should be a FINAL Fantasy, not Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XVI-2, Final Fantasy XVI-3

nobodyspecial1118d ago

I want something with a completely different artstyle. I'm so tired of the Nomura look.

pietro12121118d ago

Hopefully not developed by Business Division 2 and use a different character designer other than Nomura (Yoshida is the better artist anyways)

CanadianTurtle1118d ago

Go back to medieval or steampunk world's. I hate the futuristic crap, especially in FF13.

Spenok1118d ago

I don't hate the futuristic worlds, but MAN do I wish they would do another medieval world.