GameTrailers: KillZone 2 MP Stunning Gameplay

GameTrailers have uploaded two HD videos of intense MP Beta action including one depicting how players rake up points in their quest to unlock new levels.

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Meus Renaissance3650d ago

I think this is the only game where I can say I've had fun watching the videos

TheHater3650d ago

Little Big Planet had that effect on me, and now Killzone 2 is having the same affect on me :)

Rick Astley3650d ago

I think this is the only game where I can say I've had multiple orgasms watching the videos.

GrieverSoul3650d ago

Cmon, we all have to admit that this games looks good and seems to play even better!
This game sure promises! Guerrilla aint foolong around, of Sony starts a good advertising campaign for this game by mid january, will might see the a plot twist in this console ´´war``.

CEO OF N4G3650d ago

The funny thing is that it looks so much BETTER than what your seeing here.Im in the beta and i can tell u that videos on computer of this game dose not do it justice.U have to play the game your self on a wide screen T.V (it dose not even need to be HD) and u will see the true graphics of this game.

thor3650d ago

Really? That's awesome if true. Watching the HD versions of these videos it still looks awesome. But many games have aliasing problems/low texture res/low poly count such that when you view it in HD it doesn't hold up. If KZ2 looks better, that means the textures are super-sharp, the aliasing is low, the characters and environments are high-poly and so it will look better in HD.

Can't wait to play it :D

Sarcasm3650d ago

"problems/low texture res/low poly count such that when you view it in HD it doesn't hold up"

Not a problem with Killzone 2. That's what CEO is basically saying. Even on my 46" samsung, everything is still so crisp and clean and smooth. Yay for anti-aliasing! Though of course you still find some flaws here and there, it's still nothing short of amazing when you see this bad boy in person.

Jamie Foxx3650d ago


this reminds me of the goldeneye era just exciting

thor3650d ago

Yeah I know it's an old build - but I think TBH the graphics at the moment are where I want them. I want them now to focus on:
Fixing bugs
Listening to beta feedback and implementing changes
Implementing co-op in the game
Getting lots of content in terms of SP campaign length and MP maps
Getting the AI right in SP, making the SP seem less scripted

Game looks beyond awesome (and apparently it holds up even on a big TV) so these are the things I would want them to focus on :)

jaysquared3650d ago

So it reminds me a lot of COD4 but faster.. I'm still trying to figure out whats so stunning about it? The characters look cartoonish and its a typical FPS game.. Its probably the map but the videos I was watching were dark.. Sony put all this time and money into this game and I dont see how its going to differentiate itself from any FPS. I think this game will flop sales wise like LBP and not because its a bad game but Sony just doesn't have the money to advertise it. I've been seeing quite a bit of Resistance 2 commercials specially on ESPN but the commercials just seem weird. It doesn't make me want to go out and buy a $400 console and a $60 game. I can't see how anybody can justify buying a PS3 over a 360 unless they want blu ray... If you just want to play games your better off just getting a 360..

Bonsai12143650d ago

meus, haven't seen you in a while. anyways, these videos are great when the player is good. and this guy happens to rock... he actually goes out and kills people. unlike the other ones where the player is too pansy to die.

Cenobia3650d ago

I could write a list of all the PS3 exclusives you're missing out on, but I don't think you'd care. I could ask you what's the point of owning a 360? Gears and Halo are the most common answers. There are a lot of exclusives on the PS3 as well. Just because you don't know about them, or like them doesn't mean they don't exist.

Killzone is just an FPS, just like Halo is. FPS games are fun, and this is the best looking console FPS I've ever seen.

Tarasque3650d ago

But you fail to answer his questions instead he will get a sh!tload of disagrees and not a single reply, cause people are douches like that. The game is overly dark, every single video i have seen multiplayer or single player it all looks exactly the same. Not saying it is a bad thing but to keep it refreshing you need variety plain and simple, cause if not it will grow old quick.

jaysquared3650d ago

Yes there is a lot of PS3 exclusives that i'm missing out on but what i'm trying to say is anything the PS3 offers I can get from a $150 console(I bought a brand new 20gb 360 from FYE for $250 w/ $100 MIR). So why spend $400 when somebody can get the same experience on the 360?? Other than Blu Ray theres really no point for casual gamers to buy a PS3.. I'm a one console kind of gamer last gen i bought an Xbox because it was the same price as the PS2 but it came with a harddrive. This gen I bought an 360 because the PS3 was way too expensive! Its a whole different story when you got a mortgage and bills to pay kids! So if you want to keep gaming with all the consoles plan on staying in your mothers basement for a while.

Don't get me wrong the PS3 is a great machine there's no doubt about that but its just hard for me to justify plunking down $400 to buy one when i'm playing equal if not better games on the 360. Socom had me thinking about buying a PS3 but then heard of all the problems it was having. Its probably better now but i'm enjoying the 360 and the got it for more than half the price of a PS3. In fact I bought one for me and my son for his birthday which equals out to $320 with taxes! That's still cheaper than a PS3!

BattleAxe3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I'm a one console gamer aswell. Personally I think alot of people bought an XBOX 360 because it came out first and because by the time the PS3 came out, the 360 already had an established lineup.

I decided to wait to see what the PS3 was going to be like and made a decision based on these things:

- Console quality
- Console exclusives(PS2 exclusives)
- Console features

I bought my PS3 three months after launch and it was alot more expensive then. I decided to invest in my home entertainment and wanted the best console available.

In my circle of people I know only 3 people have XBOX 360s and they've all had to send them in due to RRoD. One of those people just got RRoD for the second time.

When the 360 was released it was well known to have problems and thats why I decided to wait and see what the PS3 would be like. I'm glad I went the way I did for a few reasons:

- 10 year life cycle
- Major publishers like EA and Activision are starting to use the PS3 as the lead platform in games development.
- Very reliable console
- increasing capabilities through system updates
- Blu-ray
- Great games library

Even if you have kids and a mortgage(I have a mortgage, no kids) over the long term its the better investment in your home entertainment as we have no clue as to how long MS will support the XBOX 360 and since they haven't fixed their console design will they further extend their warranty?

Billabong3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

And WHY are we talking about peoples opinions in buying a games console on an article to do with KZ2 MP videos? Everyone has a different opinion on what console they want to get, not just always the ones that are cheaper. I must agree 100% with BattleAxe though (yes I know i'm going against my original comment haha), that's why I got my PS3 on launch day.

Anyway, these videos look AMAZING! Why aren't I in the beta?! Can't wait for any demos or anything to get my hands on this.

jaysquared3649d ago

You have some good points but your priority in consoles are not the same as mine.. Yes you are right the PS3 is more of a longterm investment but I see electronics as a short term investment. We all know that electronics become outdated every 3-6 months theres always going to be better and cheaper ones coming out in the future. So with that thinking I would rather spend little money now and get as much fun as I can get out of it. So that's why I can't see myself getting a PS3 because of the price. Yes the PS3 does have more features mainly blu ray that makes it worth it but i'm not ready to upgrade to blu ray.

Also i'm confident in the 360 realibility wise because I know i'm covered with a 3 year warranty. I've read issues about the PS3 not being able to read blu ray discs and know a couple of personally who have had a problem with their PS3s. Sony only offers a 1 year warranty with their console and if anything happens after that its going to cost you $150 to fix. At least I know with the 360 i'll be covered with its main problems for 3 years.

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The gaming GOD3650d ago

But the dude in the first video is kinda nice with it. He mows down 3-4 ISA before he gets killed routinely

jams_shop3650d ago

Oh and finally GT let the controller to someone who knows how to play or they just did a collage of a bunch of kills and few deaths in between oh well.

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