Killzone 2 Beta Is Unbelievable, But We Have Something Better...

PSX Extreme agrees with other feedback that the Killzone 2 beta is indeed incredible, but they claim to have something even better...even though it's still Killzone 2. What could it be?

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MURKERR3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

cryptic clue though 'something better than the beta but its still killzone 2?' wtf....other than 'graphics are reallife' im stumped...guesses anyone?

whos in the beta,is it really that amazing?

sunnygrg3625d ago

Jeez, I want to say something but it would be redundant to say "this game will be so awesome" every time. Japan will have a White Knight Christmas. We, probably will have a Helghan knocking on our doors. Ho Ho Ho.

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Danja3625d ago

I highly doubt we would see a KZ2 level demo so early..the game is still 3 months away...

I'd rather a Public Beta..over the demo still..Replay value never ends..^.^

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sonarus3625d ago

its probably to talk about the singleplayer

fusionboxer3625d ago

And believe me it's amazing. I've done a 3 page writeup on the beta so far, but I had to delete it due to the NDA agreement. It should be ok if I say that it has amazing visuals, but it's the gameplay that keeps you hooked. Think COD4 mixed with Team Fortress with some Gears thrown in. It doesn't introduce anything brand new, but it does introduce teamwork into the basic FPS formula with evolving objectives throughout a round.

Think going from team death match to search and destroy then on to assassination.

Also the guns and all just feel so real. Everything moves with weight and although it doesn't move as fast as COD4, the guns have realistic recoil and this allows other players to use cover to stay alive. The chaos may be overwhelming at first, but those who can navigate through the mess are the ones that do the best. Basically killzone 2 is a must play.

Kleptic3625d ago

I would put money on it that its some sort of co-op demo of some is more or less already confirmed, but it still isn't confirmed for release (assuming it would be somesort of DLC soon after launch)...

we've seen the SP...we've seen the multiplayer beta...only thing 'better' would be something with KZ2 we haven't seen...which is co-op...thats my guess anyway...

Spydiggity3625d ago

when are you people going to realize your opinion doesn't change fact? so what if you think ps3 or 360 has the better line up. sales are sales. and the numbers are the only real credibility.

also, a few ppl said ps3 has a crazy holiday line up and 360 doesn't. seems to me both had 2 big games. 360 had gears and fable. ps3 had R2 and LBP. the games are all out now, and the figures are in. which did better? i'm not even saying any of those games are better than any other. i was pretty damn disappointed in gears 2, i haven't had a chance to really dig deep into resistance. lbp looks cheesy and boring, and fable is a short fun rpg and that's about it. nothing mind blowing this year. in fact, the best game (in my opinion) was fallout 3. and everyone gets that.

point is, stop worrying about numbers. who cares if LBP only sold 800k...if your'e one of those ppl and you like the game, just be happy you get to play it. same goes for all other games. but you have to remember, your opinion does not influence reality. the reality is, gears 2 has and will outsell the competition regardless of its quality (which is debatable but only subject to OPINION).

GoldenAge3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

- A public beta for the multi-player.
- A more in-depth look at the SP mode (or demo of the SP mode)
- Online Coop (or a demo of it)
- All of the above
(in my dreams)
- Killzone 2 will be released on Dec. 21 (Why 21 not 25 or 5? It's my birthday and wouldn't KZ2 be a welcome B-day gift for me.)
- A Helghan story mode. Play the game through the eyes of the Helghan.
- They would release a bundle for a
1. 160gb PS3
2. Limited Edition KZ2 with Art book, Code for a special weapon, 2 posters, A helghan action figure, A special blu-ray disc with a "the making of Kilzone 2" and all those other stuff.
3. Two Dualshock 3 controllers
4. A Headset
5. And finally a Playstation Eye
(Since it's my dream...)
6. A demo of one of the anticipated games for the PS3 from Sony on 2009. (God of War 3, Infamous, Uncharted 2, MAG, or Gran Turismo 5)

ultimolu3625d ago

I'm in it.

shovelbum3624d ago

I have the beta but I have only played it about 30 minutes due to all the damn games I've bought in the past few weeks. Plus I don't want to be rushed when I finally sit down to enjoy it. I did kill a scout though right after crapping my pants when he walked by me. That was a great first experience much like walking rain with red eyes. I just finished Gears and am close to ending Fallout 3 so I do plan on putting some time in Sunday night. My PS3 has been collecting dust while the 360 has been working overtime lately. Wife is making me wait until Christmas to give me my R2 fix. That being said even after the short amount of time I played K2 I am fairly certain that this game will open some fanboy eyes but their mouths will continue to spew nonsense.

superflyguy3624d ago

PSN ID: superflyguy

I got into the beta i'll tell you how good really is.

Time Lord3624d ago

On the 4th of Dec is when the single player previews/info embargo will be lifted.

JohnnyChimpo3624d ago

Dude you just kicked off your little rant pretending not to care about the sales figures on games, but then you ended with " the reality is, gears 2 has and will outsell the competition regardless of its quality " Seems to me you just made a fanboy remark and tried to cover it up with a bunch off bullsh!t. That's weak

callahan093624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )


Doesn't the article say they already have whatever the surprise is? So I'd say it's in the form of some kind of download they were given priority access to it. Co-op beta sounds logical, to me.

StephanieBBB3624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

I feel so bad for Kontaku (but in a good way). They won't get any backpass info or previews or anything from sony and this is probably the best looking/playing game to date.

All I want to say to finish of my sentence is IN YOUR FACE KOTAKU! IN YOUR F#¤"%=/#¤ FACE!

(Sits back and enjoys life)

sumguy813624d ago (Edited 3624d ago )

moron...that's not what he did at all. like he said, these are the numbers. and 2 million in a week vs less than 1 million in 3 weeks isn't something you can argue.

and don't call him the fanboy. he said right in his statement he was disappointed in gears2. the fanboy statement you made is the hypocritical one where you accuse him of being a fanboy for making a balanced statement. you can argue what you like all day, but that doesn't change the TRUTH ("reality"). and what he said is just that. gears is going to be the big Q4 seller, it already proved it. his point had nothing to do with opinion.
are there any levelheaded ps3 owners? all you seem to do is troll around on websites, say things that obviously are meant to spark controversy, then accuse other people of doing the same thing you clearly do.

Spydiggity3624d ago

agree sumguy, thanks

i don't know how many times i've said, if you're an idiot, being hypocritical will only get through to the other fanboys. I knew i'd get disagrees cuz i didn't say sony was god, but i said nothing in favor of anything. i don't care what game sells better. i don't lose sleep at night cuz the corporation i praise has low sales figures. do you know how dumb it sounds to listen to ppl cry cuz sony has low sales on a game they think is great? it's so sad. who cares at all? if you like the game, play it. who cares if your neighbors are playing gears 2 and you're playing LBP.

again... grow up. stop taking ps3 sales so're don't want ulcers already.

P.S. i realize now that bringing up reality to a buncha fanboys who live their lives vicariously through their avatars was probably a wasted effort.

DiabloRising3624d ago

Actually Spydig, I have to agree with your prior post. People spend more time cheerleading for companies instead of enjoying games lately it seems.

Mozilla893624d ago

But I think a Helghan story mode would be pretty awesome, it's not something you get to do in a lot of video games. I can't remember where you get to play as the bad guys and good guys unless its an RTS. Other than that I think its a demo on the PSN, probably the E3 level that they've been showing everywhere since its already kind of done.

JohnnyChimpo3624d ago

Hmmmm, I've seem to offened your boyfriend here. No problems, you guys can continue to lick eachothers testicles, while balls deep in your outdated hardware. My point still stands, he contradicted himself, you can't say one thing and mean another. You can't sit there and say numbers don't matter but also say numbers are the only credibility, thats called a contradiction.

Here allow me to sum it up for you cause you seem alittle slow.

CONTRADICTION - a statement or proposition that contradicts or denies another or itself and is logically incongruous.

There, now you know the meaning of contradiction, now please re-read his post and tell me he doesn't contradict himself, now I have to go now and visually convince another 360 fan on how the PS3 is better. I've had 3 360 fans come by my pad to check out the PS3, lets just say the 360 is extremely weak for media, hahaha you guys don't even have a simple web browser? Pathetic.

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RyuStrife3625d ago

Whatever that secret is, I am anxious to find out.

Jamie Foxx3625d ago

the release dates been pushed forward to december 24th


she00win993625d ago

i hope so, because resistance and lbp is not selling so great..

Danja3625d ago

R2 launched one week ago...only in North America...wat are u talking about it not selling well ?

LBP has been out for 2 weeks..and it's already seems to me both games are doing just fine

3625d ago
Danja3625d ago

And those ppl were Fanboys who just loves to throw figures out there
a$$es....and over exaggerate and blow everything outta proportion...

kopicha3625d ago

well i find that LBP n R2 sell pretty ok. i know typical fanboys (from 360) would bash the sales and brag about look at GEOW2 sales and so on. yeah the numbers look big. but honestly there is something thats been overlooked as well. Sony's line up during this holiday is really too much. i dont know how this stands for other ppl out there but as for me it is. for my 360 all i am eyeing on are just Geow2 and Fable2 and thats about it. there are almost no great line ups for 360 which is why these 2 games sell that much. and i am talking purely about exclusive titles not multiplat games. while on ps3 i have to be really selective on which game i want. as there are just too many for me to choose. i cant possibly get everything as i would probably go broke since we cant forget other than exclusive games there are some great multiplat games too. even if i were to have the money for them i wouldnt have so much time to play that much game all together in the same period of time. in fact ps3 i had to sacrifice not buying certain games thou they are great and i love them mainly over such reasons that i just mentioned. so with this logic is more than enough to show those games are selling reasonably ok.

Danja3625d ago

I agree there really is alot of Software to choose fom for the PS3 and unfortunately this will affect sales of certain games....but in the long term , each game will eventually sell well...because I haven't bought Fallout 3 or Motorstorm ...but I plan to next month...

she00win993625d ago

compare to retarded games like fable 2 and other wii games, it not selling as good..

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tortella3625d ago

man this game puts everything to shame
No wonder KZ2 is the best FPS out there

Danja3625d ago

UM R2 just launched dude..atleast let it Rein as FPS King till

krouse933625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Fine but when Killzone 2 comes out there better be a snowday or a weekend cause ill be glued to that game.

It looks soo real! And it makes your eyes orgasiam. lol
But seriously i really really want this game. oh and Killzone 2 FTW!

tortella3625d ago

R2 will sell 5m-10m lifetime .

However KZ2 will shatter all records in terms of gameplay as well as graphics

Danja3625d ago

stop typing gibberish..dude

Im a major R2 supporter...and I know this game will not sell 5-19 million...more like.. 2-4 million looks more accurate...

KZ2 wont smash ne records...but it will be the best FPS out next year IMO.

tortella3625d ago

Resistance 2 has already shipped like 3m copies to retailers worldwide

In Europe R2 has already been shipped

R2 will sell 5-10m worldwide

However KZ2 will smash all records. there is tremendous hype for the game

R2 has already sold a million in US. Just wait for November NPD

Danja3625d ago

yeah the key word you used is shipped 3 million worldwide...

um RS2 sold between 300 -400k last I dont know where u got that R2 sold a million in the US already ..since it's only been out for one week..

and Hype alone cannot sell KZ2 Sony will need to market the hell outta this game if they wanna even think of breaking records..

Helgast hemets , Cereals , Mountain dew , lunchboxes , Special edition KZ2 PS3 , Billboards , heavy rotation tv..and all that stuff...

ne ways..ur making me seem Anti-PS3....which im i rest my case...

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mercenarie3625d ago

Don't pull a PlayStationLifeStyle on us

KingGhost933625d ago

they say it has nothing to do with the killzone 2 beta, but i believe it will be a public beta

MURKERR3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

i salute you

hope thats it, coz im not in the closed beta

Danja3625d ago

same here I hope it's a public beta..cuz im not in the closed Beta either....

MURKERR3625d ago

happening and we the uncool kids not invited....

Danja3625d ago

Can say that again dude...sux...GG needs to announce a Public Beta...

That would just be the Ultimate X-mas present to PS3 owners..XD

MURKERR3625d ago

a killzone 2 public holiday the day the game comes out, imagine the amount of people whos gona call in sick that day

ive already got my excuse

NickIni3625d ago

You were mugged by some dude with orange eyes on the way home and need a day off to recover?

raptor3023625d ago

I think that they are going to announce that this game has an online coop mode...what else could it be?

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