What Microsoft's Xbox Launch Plans Really Mean

The article is an opinion on the possible benefits of Xbox not having exclusive launch titles, as well as the implications for gamers.

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MS really should have a few Exclusive launch titles for the Series X. Sony will gain to much ground early on if the Series X has no real reason to buy one at launch

TFJWM262d ago

I see this as they are planning to roll out xbox games to other consoles(later next gen). Starting with the switch 2 and PS down the line. Have the strongest console for a premium price and compare it to mid to high range PCs. Supporters will still buy their system and they can sell their service and games everywhere.

isarai262d ago

To me it says the exclusive games will be held back in order to still run on the xbox one.

RosweeSon261d ago

Couldn’t agree more so you might as well just stick with current gen Xbox and wait/force them
Into pulling their fingers out this tactic is proper crazy/lazy releasing a new console with no new exclusives that don’t show off the new console as best as it possibly can at least in its early stages as of course all consoles get better one devs get to grips with them but shiii. I get it BOTW was cross gen it was also originally fully meant to be a Wii u exclusive they obviously caved it due to Wii U being a bit of a dud made a smart decision with that 1 game. Was the Switch’s only exclusive, pretty much day1 but Mario kart wasn’t far behind and then they were banging them left right and centre Xbox announcing already nothing for a further year after launch... another 2 years. Jog on Microsoft what are you actually on. 🤦🏻‍♂️🥴 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

xX-oldboy-Xx262d ago

This will go down as one of the worst decisions in gaming - change course ms, you did with the xbox one. Now do it again.

nucky64262d ago

yea. this announcement was as strange as before last gen when they suggested they were going download-only for games. - which led to that hilarious sony commercial -

curtain_swoosh262d ago

thats not what they said tho. they wanted to make it so you cant Share or lend someone your bought games. basically like the game you bought only runs on your console only.

moriarty1889262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

ms just keeps throwing common sense out the window. for all the praise Phil gets I really think he has become a suit that only cares about gp and gold,subs. they are launching a new console but not supporting or giving it any real reason to differentiate itself. No true exclusives means not many buying it day one or at all. But hey at least they can get gp subs right? they let sony embarrass them with the draconian policies at the start of the gen and poor exclusive output while giving there games away to pc and for free day one on gp. Now they appear to being ready to rewrite history and again be stupid. like i said Phil looks more and more like all that matters is subs and online accounts. that is all they are about and hardware is just an option to save face. Sony is gonna make xbox hardware and the brand itself even more irrelevant next gen.

nucky64262d ago

MS is delivering mixed messages - they buy multiple 1st-party studios but now announce there won't be any exclusive seriesX games in the first 1-2 years of the consoles existence?..........uh, what? i do not understand how they can think this is a good idea.

RosweeSon261d ago

It’s pretty clear to me. We’ve given up on software and are now a services and hardware company not bothered about games just monthly yearly subscriptions and re releasing the same hardware in a new shell. Elite controller already on 2.0... 18/24 months max elite controller 3.0 do me a favour £400+ on 3 controllers lol

Minute Man 721262d ago

Halo launching with Series X

xX-oldboy-Xx262d ago

.... xbox one, one sad, one x - sounds like it's launching everywhere.

rainslacker262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

I don't think they ever pulled the X1 release when they said it was releasing with XSX. They didn't specifically talk about it during the E3 trailer, but that was because they wanted to get people excited for the next gen. I don't even recall anyone saying that it was just another example of them abandoning this gen to support the next, much like was done retroactively with Ryse when it was found that it was pulled as a 360 game.

No doubt it will be used as a way to promote the next gen hardware, but it went from a current gen game, to a cross gen game, and has remained there since.

Obscure_Observer262d ago

Well, you were one of those people complaing how MS were rushing next gen while leaving Xbox One owners behind.

Tbf, you always complained on how you think MS will not support their products/services/games in the long term.

The great irony is, come next generation Microsoft will continue to suport all generations of Xbox games via legacy BC. All Xbox One accessories and peripherals. All services and Xbox One community. And now they´d confirmed they will support Xbox One owners with games after generation ends, while Sony *apparently* will left 110 millions PS4 gamers hanging.

This only shows how out of touch some of your opnions regaring MS can be.

rainslacker261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

Yeah. I did. They went from saving things for next gen, to just releasing cross gen games longer with a better value proposition to the customer, and counter to my previous criticisms, this is actually a remedy to the criticism I had of them saving things for next gen.But making amends 1-2 years into the next gen isn't what I was talking about. MS isn't doing me a favor here. It's nice I can still play whatever games they make in the first 1-2 years, then forget about them, but it doesn't change my opinion of them before. But, in the bigger picture, what's the point of new tech from them if they aren't going to take advantage of it? Graphics improvements are a given, but I want more from next gen, and this thing they're doing that cripples the chances of that.

As of now, they have only spoken about their own software doing this. They also gave a vague 1-2 years that they'd be doing this. Those first 1-2 years it probably wouldn't have made a difference in the design of the games, so fair enough on their part. So long as it isn't mandated across the board to anyone publishing on Xbox, or left up to the devs/pubs, and so long as they're eventually going to cut ties, then I don't actually think it's a problem. Any contention I may have at the moment is based on a couple possible scenarios, which I will(and have) freely admit may only be potential rhetoricals.

Are you faulting me for having a criticism that I had no reason to believe wouldn't come to pass? I mean, what MS is talking about here isn't typical, so why would I have ever assumed this would be something they'd do to stave off criticism?

RosweeSon259d ago

What other shocking surprises, a new fifa 🤯😱🥴 28514;

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