The Witcher 3's Mini-Map Is Its Worst Feature, so Get Rid of It

Twinfinite: "One major issue I've been reminded of over the past few days is just intrusive its mini-map is in The Witcher 3."

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SyntheticForm262d ago

I'm assuming they don't know you can make the entire UI smaller, including the map.

alexgibson262d ago

You wouldn't have to assume anything if you'd read the article.

SyntheticForm262d ago

Looks awful baity to me.

It's not at all intrusive to begin with, and if the MM is bothering you, reduce it or turn it off.

Elwenil262d ago

No one with any sense reads anything from Twinfinite. If you had any sense, you wouldn't be submitting them here.

Chumdiddy262d ago

I'm convinced that most users here have 10 accounts just to give downvotes haha

The article seemed fine in the title and it's fine to read. Not clickbait at all, not in the sense that we know it can exist.

You have a 1:2 ratio for simply saying "you don't have to assume anything if you read the article" lol

Pure N4G right there lol

TengHu262d ago

They’re fishing for clicks I think. This game is almost 5 years old and they’re deciding to make their grievances now?

alexgibson262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Yes, fishing and baiting for clicks with an article that states exactly what it is in the title.

Writing about it now because, as I said in the article, many players including myself are returning to the game after watching the show. I like writing about and sharing my experiences with games I am passionate about. That is why I have made a career out of writing about games actually, you may be surprised to hear.

victorMaje262d ago

I turned it off when I played.
Although going through regions became less convenient having the screen clear of it was a welcome improvement.
One of the best UI implementations I’ve seen was in HZD, contextual, tap a button UI (along with mission marker) appears, a few seconds later it all clears away.
Would be great to have that for the witcher, last time I played health bar would still appear if less than full.

262d ago
staticall262d ago

«The Posts Are The Worst, so Get Rid of Them»

P. S.: You can disable minimap and make UI font/element smaller/bigger in the game options. It's much easier and faster than writing another «DO AS I SAY» post.

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