Sunset Overdrive 2: Why The Sequel Hasn’t Happened

Insomniac Games' zany open-world action game Sunset Overdrive was released in 2014, but there's been no sequel news since.

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Ricegum209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

No sequel since, as good as the first game was, it sold very poorly unfortunately.

Would be funny to see SSO2 exclusive to the PS5 though.

xX-oldboy-Xx209d ago

Would be funny to see SSO2 sell like hot cakes on PS5.

You've gotta know your audience - ms clearly doesn't.

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nucky64208d ago

it wouldn't be any different that outer worlds now being exclusive to xbox.

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ssj27209d ago

They first need to focus on Spiderman 2.
Then use team b or c remasters sunset overdrive 1 for ps5. Then maybe depending on how the remake does let it die or make part two. But i rather their team B focus on a new IP or much better remaking Resistance fall of man with new ideas more modern better characters narration gameplay and better everything. That ip does deserve a remake in every way the idea was really good.

moriarty1889209d ago

yes resistance needs a sequel. Loved that series and would,also love a remastered trilogy in 4k on ps5.

jambola209d ago

Didn't it come out to average (at best) reception?

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The story is too old to be commented.