The State of Playstation’s First Party Studios – 2020 Edition

Player 2 looks at Playstation's first-part studios to see what is in store for 2020.

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sprinterboy1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Off topic but I think they will reveal the ps5 at ces now as they would rather show it now than it leak?

MasterCornholio1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

And they confirmed hardware based Ray Tracing.

We already knew this but there were some doubts circling the net about it.


IRetrouk1652d ago

Yeah, hopefully we get a full reveal in Feb, rumors are doing my head in lol

MasterCornholio1652d ago


The rumors are giving me headaches as well. I can't wait for the official reveal.

porkChop1652d ago

Mark Cerny had already confirmed hardware-accelerated raytracing last year.

IRetrouk1652d ago

@ mc
Yeah, its exciting but really annoying at the same time, hopefully we aren't waiting too long lol

DarXyde1652d ago

Which pretty much tells us that the 9.2TF number is likely inaccurate. Part of the data mined from that leak heavily implied an absence of ray tracing hardware—it was easily located on the Xbox's coded parts, but nowhere to be seen on PS5's.

It's beginning to look like Sony and Microsoft playing each other like fiddles. In this case, Microsoft surprising everyone with Series X mindshare at the game awards and Sony potentially allowing fake specs to get out while not responding to it.

I don't know which way this goes. I don't believe for a moment that it really matters honestly, but the suspense behind generation 9 hardware is really entertaining to watch.

ShadowWolf7121652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


Yeah. The "leakers" pretty much called him a blatant liar. lol

IRetrouk1652d ago

I've voiced my doubts on the leaks as i think the leaks lacked way too much context, some gamers will tell you how reliable they are, but wont mention the fact one of them confirmed that amd uses fake ids to hide their chip info, we know nothing really but whatever🤷‍♂️ we will all find out soon enough lol

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neutralgamer19921652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Private event invite only new york to media members

Launch titles

GTS updates for ps5(maybe)
Demon souls remake(confirmed)

A huge FPS by GG(confirmed)

Huge feature being ps3 BC

Will announce at E3 studio acquisitions some fans don't expect some fans don't think are possible. Sony's new approach is spend as much as they want on quality game studios/publishers

Publishers being the key word

over 13TF

$399(won't be a cent over yes Sony has decided to take loss on each console to establish a market share that's way more important than hardware sales)

Xbox series x will be $499

ApocalypseShadow1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

This would be devastating if true. Not sure about your confirmed stuff though. Confirmed by who?

MasterCornholio1652d ago

So where do these rumors come from?

Or are you just making everything up?

Kiwi661652d ago

People say that if the next xbox is 12TF that will make it expensive but you say that the ps5 will not only be 13TF + but will be cheaper, how do you come up with this stuff

Silly gameAr1652d ago

I'm not sure about all of that dude. Sounds good, but hella iffy.

Elda1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Please provide 100% proof of this.

darthv721652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Now I know you are wrong. Nothing is ever whole dollar amounts. So it may be $399.99 which makes your "wont be a cent over $399" a fail.

J/K... i hope you are right and it is that cheap.

porkChop1652d ago

Are you delusional? None of that is "confirmed", nor is it believable. Sony isn't buying publishers, nor are they giving us a 13TF system at $400.

1652d ago
ShadowWolf7121652d ago

Nah, you're not getting those dream specs for under $499.

neutralgamer19921652d ago


Seriously believe what you may we don't have long time to go before the reveal event. I posted multiple times Sony has acquired insomniac months before it was officially announced. Don't believe me go back to my comment history nothing new people always want sources like they don't know how this works


The dev kits are 13.2TF


😂 That's the price point Sony won't cross it at any cost. If it means taking a $65 loss so be it they generate enough from psn plus and psn now will become a bigger focus


Ps3 would like to have a word with you



Here let me confirm somethings for you guys

Demon souls remake is a launch title by bluepoint games(Sony buying BP will be announced at E3) BP are working on a 2nd remake of a beloved ps IP

GG have 2 separate teams within their studio and one of the teams have been working on a shooter to launch with Ps5

GTS was shown last year at CES to run at 8k so sony may do a re-release or patch it not sure which route has been final

There will be a Ps5 reveal event in New York city late next month

Sony will have a huge conference at E3

Realms1652d ago

The rumor is that the other game GG is working on for Sony is SOCOM. The first team is working on Horizon Zero Dawn 2. Take it with a grain of salt since it's a rumor.

aaronaton1651d ago

Guerilla games are developing SOCOM 5 and Horizon 2.

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thatguyhayat1652d ago

Naah just the logo and some confirmation whats being used

Elda1652d ago

No reveal knowing it's too early in the year for a full reveal,imo it'll be this spring or summer.

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specialguest1652d ago

Polyphony Digital has been the biggest let down developers of the current PS era. They went from king of racing sim-style game to online PvP focused game with heavily stripped down features and limited cars and tracks. Maybe the next GT game will take it back to its glory days

ApocalypseShadow1652d ago

Yeah. Around 350 cars or so. Around 60 tracks and somewhere around 8-10 million copies sold. Yeah. That's terrible./s

They told everyone the game would change just like God of War changed. The game went international and supported by the FIA. What other game did that? Oh that's right. None. Just GT.

specialguest1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

As I stated above, it's no longer the king of racing sim-style game and it's a different game. You can still attract a different audience and gain sales over a span of 3 years, and still remain a let down compared to what GT used to be. Supported by FIA? Well woopy-doo! Most gamers don't care

350 cars and 60 tracks. Tell me how years and updates did it take to get there? lol. The game was barebones when it was released. That's still not really a lot and missing all of the other cars including really unique ones GT was known for

darthv721651d ago

There have been other games that carried the FIA endorsement... so what. Sony tried something different with GT this gen and it didn't work out so I'm confident we will get a proper GT7 next gen. Some changes work out (GoW) and some dont (GTS). It is what it is.

IRetrouk1650d ago

No game has the level of involvement with the fia that gt does, also at over 8 million sold, I think gt sport did all right for an online focused offshoot.

Atticus_finch1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I hate when people trash GTS. Like come on they had to built a new engine and assets. They have the best detail and most realistic graphics of any racer, all while running flawlessly. It takes like half a year to model just one vehicle.